The Fear Factor

The first thing that comes in mind when you talk about the word fear; horror movies? No, I don’t have any comments on them today, fortunately. So what am I on about today…! This is the fear within oneself. The fear which takes the form of anxiety or anticipation when we are encountered by a situation in life. The fear of changing circumstances. The fear of coming out of our comfort zone to do something.


I am sure everyone, in their lives, have come across such situations in different forms. Talking to a beautiful girl for the first time, taking a penalty shot which is a decider, writing a very important exam, facing an interview or even going to an unknown place for the first time….

Has anyone at any given point of time experienced so much anxiety that you couldn’t perform well at all? So much anxiety that you were not able to do even half of what you would otherwise?

There are a lot of people with such problems. I sadly belong to one of them. They say, often winning and losing happens before the game than during the game. It just depends how positive you keep your mind before the big occasion.

So am I suggesting that we avoid all kinds of fear in our life to succeed?

Errrr.. not really. A man without fear is likely to ruin himself. If you don’t have that voice in you telling what is right and what is wrong, trying to deter you from something that you are not supposed to do, then it would have been very difficult for everyone. We fear that we will fail the exams ahead, we study. If there was no fear, we would most probably fail. We practice before a sports event because we fear that if we don’t then we might lose to the opponent.

It’s a very hard thing to keep fear in check, sometimes we never know, our actions are a result of the fear in us. ‘The fear factor‘ is something that we don’t pay much attention to but is a big decider in the grand scale in a person’s life.


So essentially, fear in us should be like that Lamborghini driver who knows how to give enough throttle to let the people know that he is coming but also knows to hold back from welding the throttle on  the floor, thus not making any unwanted nuisance to the other road users.

On that ‘wisdom filled’ bombshell, Good night!

Images taken in Kerala on my phone HTC One M8 and edited in Adobe LR


18 thoughts on “The Fear Factor”

    1. Hello Bilna,

      Thank you so much 🙂
      Weekends…err… this was kind of a comeback post after a long interval. I think around a month. 😛

      Hope you had a great weekend.

  1. This is what I call, wisdom 🙂

    The fear of coming out of the comfort zone is the greatest fear IMHO. And, yes, we need fear to steer our life in the right direction. Very well penned, Anoop..thought-provoking indeed…:-)

    The pictures are amazing!

  2. I wanted to call you a wiseman… but then some lyrics came… “wise men said only fools rush in…” the rest is not about wise men so I got that line on my head… Fear…ha… I am afraid of everything… when I wanted to work, was afraid to check out working on night shifts and well afraid for quite a lot of silly things and well… perhapes the fear got magnified as well… well you got to face yer fears one day, the soon the better… I fear roaches still, though and also various things… I remember crying because roach was on top of my mosquto net and it kept flying around(: … and well I still fear seeing people living in independent houses, thinking how come they live and I fear so much, then I guess fear is what you think can happen and your certainity that you can’t handle it… I think its nice to do things impulsively too… thinking too much causes fear… and fear is a curse and infliction impossible to cure(: anyway

    1. So you never went to work 😛
      This fear is different Minty ji. Like interview fear and exam fear. Failing in interview and exam because of fear, that fear 😉

      I think you are a wise person and wise people are usually very afraid? Is it?

      1. hmmm… I am pretty daring too… I never did go to a proper good job with high paying salary… that being said if I did get a night shift on a BPO which was popular those days I might have gone, but I guess I did not get… also well yeah I did not do many things because of over thinking rather than just doing it… wise people are free from fear ji(: they don’t have rigit thought or opinions and such things…anyway I have two super interesting news I got to check them out on some really cool women(: … then let me check their news and talk about fear again?

  3. Btw I can dedicate a movie for you this time for fear since I can’t get a song… the movie is Inside Out… i guess there is joy, sorrow, disgust, anger and fear charactors in everyone’s head(: (: …anyway… ofcourse there is the slogan of the mountain dew add, but I think the add is stupid so no dedication of the slogan to you ok.

  4. I’m definitely one of them 😛 I totally agree with you – “fear factor” is indeed needed to bring out the best in us 😉 Apart from how much I like your thoughts on it, I absolutely the photos here. The lighting and shadow, the clouds and the color were very well captured by you Anoop ❤ ❤ ❤ Keep up the good work! 🙂

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