Bannerghatta Biological Park – Bangalore Getaways

I am not much acquainted with this A-1 city of South India. When I stepped out into the streets for the first time, I was amazed. People from various places of India. Perfect! That’s what makes a city, a city. Isn’t it?

None of my travel plans had Bangalore in agenda until recent times. It’s only recently that I took a liking to this place and I did visit this place. Not that Bangalore is known for it’s natural beauty or so, there are too many pubs and bars which is pretty close.

Raghu: What do you want to do in Bengalooru? You are our guest.

Me: I don’t know, you tell me.

Raghu: You can go to Christ College and watch Bengalooru Hudugi’s (girls) or go to a pub, drink and play fusball.

Me: I don’t mind at all.

Raghu: Baba, you are our guest. Bengalooru will feel bad if I don’t take you around. Tell me, do you want to go to Bannerghatta Biological Park? Nandi Hills? Avalabetta? 

Me: We will visit them all.

Raghu: Yaay! we will do them all. 

I am glad we ended up doing at least one, ie Bannerghatta National Park and Zoo. Thanks to me and Raghu, we were super lazy.

The Google map location for this place, 12.800199, 77.578211

Please don’t use Gmaps for going to this place. The direction given in Google maps are not right. I have marked with black on the route that needs to be taken to reach the Biological Park which is the right one. We had troubles initially following Google maps and finally had to ask our way to this place. You need to go towards the zoo and the parking lot is nearby and so is the national park.

Bannerghatta Map

Once we reached there in Raghu’s car, we paid the parking fee which is Rs. 40 and we took my camera and head over to the ticket counter.

The prices for tickets are : Adults Rs 160 and for still-camera Rs. 25 (I don’t remember the remaining rates but can assure you that it’s quite cheap). This price is for the Grand Safari around the National Park and visiting the Zoo. If you take any one out of the equation the prices won’t be this much, though I would recommend doing both or at least the Grand Safari.

We paid for our tickets and entered the gates. The person shows us the way towards a waiting shed. We had to wait for our turn to go for the safari. They have a big green mini van/mini bus kind of thing with grill all around to take us into the forest.

The bus started and we are off for the Safari. Let pics do all the talking now. Half of them were clicked by Raghu…





There is a separate safari (locations in those 400 acres) for each of the animals. We only have to buy a ticket and they will drive you around all those locations.





The Bear looking at Raghu’s phone.




Sleepy lion was woken up by throwing water, of course officials did the sin.



Raghu… Tiger cat!!!


Siberian Tiger – The white one


A closer look at the Siberian Tiger



Grinning tiger




After the Grand safari came the Zoo,


Crows and kisses …. Raghu didn’t understand, then I had to explain with examples of guns and roses. Silly Raghu.






Wild Cat








So these were the pics from Zoo. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was really nice and as usual it is always nice to be in India due to such places.

I know I have mentioned the name Raghu too many times here. A friend who wants to stay anonymous, that is Raghu. Errr… Raghu is Batman. When Bangalore sleeps, Raghu sips Old Monk and walks wobbly on top of buildings wearing lungi. Raghu is not the hero Bangalore deserves, but neither the hero Bangalore needs.


Distance from Bangalore : 30-40 kms, (check out the maps)

Food: The place is in the outskirts hence you might as well have your food from the city. You are not allowed to carry food inside the Park. There are small places to get Indian food around the place which is a km from the National Park. 

Time taken to cover the whole attraction : 2.5 hrs (give or take)

Review :



Cheap, Clean, Silent getaway, Amazing weekend trip to take family and kids too, Grand Safari, Wonderful guides during the safari, Different kinds of animals in the national park, Clean zoo


In the outskirts of city and hence the drive is a bit long and tiring through the Bangalore traffic, Weekends are probably very crowded and queues can be very long.

Best time to visit:

Avoid weekends to stay away from crowd and long queues. Mornings are considered to be better if going on a weekend (opens at 9:30 am).

Things to be careful about:

  • Make sure you and your family don’t put your hands or any part of your body outside the vehicle through the opening in the grill. The guides do tell you that but if there is children going with you, be careful.
  • They do not allow any kind of food items when you go for the safari.
  • Try and occupy the front seats of the safari vehicle. Gives you a better view of the overall happenings and the guides/driver is really helpful in clicking pictures and explaining stuff.
  • The driver and the guide expect a tip at the end of the travel. If you feel they have been very cooperative in making you understanding things, do consider giving tips. We paid a sum of Rs 100 each to both of them as a tip but I am not sure about the norm. Hopefully Rs. 200 is decent.

My opinion:

A wonderful place. Definitely worth a visit. Recommended.


On that bombshell, Good night!

Some of the pics posted here are not watermarked because of laziness. They still belong to me and Raghu.


29 thoughts on “Bannerghatta Biological Park – Bangalore Getaways”

  1. Yess…That place was really awesome…Well,after marriage when I was relocated to Bengaluru…the very first time we planned for roaming bnglr …it was my hubs who suggested that we go to Banarghetta Park :P.I guess that was probably to make me feel home:D

    1. Sure Prajakta, it’s a very nice place.

      I went to this place called hole in a wall. It was pretty good as well. The places you have mentioned, I need to visit 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions, foodie 😛

      Have a great time, cheers!

  2. Just when I was looking for places to visit in Bangalore!
    This Raghu person sounds fun. Silly Raghu 😛 And silly me! I didn’t get it either 😀
    Do you come running from UK now and then? 😀 How come you are in Bangalore when you had come to Kerala a while ago?

    1. Hey Ranju,
      Glad I could point out a place to you 😀

      Ragu is a very close friend. He is a fun person as you said.

      UK nahi, UAE. So I’m pretty close to India.

      1. My friends liked the place too. It’s almost confirmed. 😀
        Aha! I noticed Ragu came up in your other post too. He must be sneezing very often these days 😛
        Oh UAE! Ath adutha junction alle. Apo saarilla 😀

      2. Oh great!!!
        You noticed Ragu ehh… I wanted to base this post on something and Ragu was my victim.

        Ya, kind of adutha junction 😛 😛

      3. Will take 2-4 hrs. The zoo is quite big. Safari take 30-45 mins which is standard. Then it depends on how fast you cover the zoo 🙂

        Don’t go on a weekend. It will be very very very crowded.

  3. Hi Anoop, It doesn’t look like my comment got here.
    Great photos of these beautiful, majestic animals. I really enjoyed the tours, such a grand park! Thank you for providing information. 🙂

  4. Great collection 🙂
    This is beautiful place with non-vampiric creatures is another reason for you to save the South Zone in IB Zonal Wars by writing a post on something like the city of Kayamkulam 😛

      1. You can write on this favourite city of yours with animals 😀 Or you can write about the city where you see other bloggers – like Cochin 😛 Or our great five other corporations…or enthelum city of the South – only 11 hours left now 😀
        Be the superhero of the South 😉

  5. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! You’ve been travelling, like a little vaala lot? Or that just seems to me?
    I’m sorry for being so inactive lately; I’m up to my eyeballs in studies and exams are going like crazyy. I check my account on my phone but I haven’t the time to either read any posts nor write any!
    Hope this craziness ends soon. Have a happy new year! 😀
    Great chatting 😛

    1. It was fun. I did end up doing a few small travels. Looking forward to next year to do more of it.

      It’s already Jan now. A couple of more months to go. 🙂

      Have a great new year too. Take care!

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