Nam Ooru Bengaluru (Our place Bangalore) – A newly found love

When Teny pointed out this challenge to me, I had to participate in it and obviously I wouldn’t write about Cochin for quite a few reasons, first being the pathetic transport and traffic systems. Bangalore is no good either, but I was being chauffeured around. So I couldn’t care less.

Though the first time I had a chance to visit Bangalore was a few days ago, there was no way that I couldn’t fall in love with the place. It reminded me everything about my childhood, the city and the people and the crowd.

One of my dearest acquaintance, Ragu was the reason I decided to call on Bangalore. Now talking about Ragu, a malayali (Keralite) who drinks Rum like a fish and who can be seen in a lungi (dhoti) walking on 4 legs after getting drunk. I would leave Ragu for now and move on with Bangalore.

I say this is my first time in the city but not really. I had been here, during my college days. I was roaming around Marathahalli trying to find myself a football boots. I absolutely had no clue of the place but the people were understanding and helpful then. I had carried those memories along with me as I landed in Bengaluru International Airport.

Yes, this place has been a dream of every Keralite. We look upon Bangalore as a big A1 metropolitan city like Mumbai or New Delhi, though it was added to the list of A1 cities only in Sep 2007. Chennai is another superstar city in South India but I have never been there. I have heard from people that the climate is too hot, water is too salty and the birds don’t fly too high, things like that.  I don’t believe all that, but just that I haven’t been there is a major barrier about me having a take on the city.

To talk about Bangalore in terms of drive, this city is driven by youngsters. By driven I do not mean driving a vehicle, but the spine of the city. I have never experienced such a young crowd in any city. I don’t think the average age of this city will be anything more than 32 years. Thanks to the big IT market that creates major chunk of employment in the city. I loved seeing the young around. I loved seeing couple’s holding hands, smiling, talking to each other as they walk by. It just makes me feel happy. There is love around and boy, isn’t that a heart warming sight?

Another thing I love about Bangalore is that there are a lot of Sports bike in this place. This is one place where the manufacturers come first with their products. Thanks to the young crowd driven by passion.

To talk about Bangalore in terms of design, this city is designed to accommodate people of all cultures. I was raised in Mumbai and once in my classroom our teacher asked each of us to stand up and say out their native place loud. Pretty much covered all the places from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kashmir being a beautiful girl class mate of mine. Again coming back to the point, like any other city Bangalore is designed to accommodate anyone and everyone. I am well versed with Tamil and Malayalam, but I have no clue about Kannada, Tulu and Telugu. Bangalore, though is basically a place which speaks Kannada (and Tulu), I have never had problems in communicating with people in Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil. I rarely speak in English in India, I leave that job usually to Ragu if I’m in Bangalore. The point being that I never had any problems in communicating with people. This city, though in the Southern part of India, you will find people understanding and speaking in Hindi. Hence I say it is designed to accommodate.

If we talk about city planning and city design, I must say it is as pathetic as any other city in India. Traffic is horrible. It takes 2 hrs to cover 8 kms and the IT hub of Bangalore, Whitefield has the worlds most worst traffic and worst roads ever. Hopefully someday it will get better.

To talk about what connects Bangalore, I must say Iron Maiden. I have seen them perform a lot in Bangalore. Apart from Iron Maiden, there are a lot of other things as well. There are palaces, monuments and things of art for the senior people and then there are places like pubs, discos and bars for younger people.

Then what is there for me?

Petrosexual people like me can always rejoice by meeting like minded automotive enthusiasts who own big bikes and even bigger cars. We can always go for a drive in their loud and fancy vehicle. Also there are quite a few garages, which install turbo chargers in a Honda Civic. I think that’s amazing. I fell in love with Civic long back and I still think it is pretty decent car for India and installing turbo chargers is an icing on the cake. That pretty much connects me to Bangalore (hoping that the engine won’t blow up any soon).

Bangalore is connected by proper network of roads to all the adjoining states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. It is connected locally and globally via air route. There is one major and around ten minor ports that connect Bangalore to different parts of India and World via Sea. Karnataka has gained popularity because of the Konkan railways in terms of rail routes. Pretty impressive ehh… I would have loved to write so about Trivandrum (capital of Kerala) but by the time you reach the place, your soul would already on it’s way to heaven. Thanks to Quilon (Kollam) in between.

All said, I still can’t make peace and get over Mumbai. How can I not love Mumbai, which is my first home? Bangalore is only a recent one and I find the city attractive. So Bangalore, for now….you are the one. You are the great one for now, until Mumbai returns.


Do you guys have a favorite city? Why do you think that city is better than the one I have mentioned above?

I am thankful to Indiblogger and for giving me an opportunity to share my views about Bangalore with this world. 

I have used the older names instead of the recent version like Bangalore instead of Bengaluru. It’s just because I love those names more than the current ones. Not offending anyone, but a personal preference. 


26 thoughts on “Nam Ooru Bengaluru (Our place Bangalore) – A newly found love”

  1. Ha… this song is for you… … I hate Bangaluru and all the outsiders who bloody spoilt it(including me)… Bangaluru used to have birds, greenery and in the name of IT boom, its become a traffic IT City… It had the best pleasant weathers you can find… the culture is awesome – too many oppurtunities to enjoy your while, mostly cool forks… but its lost most of its charm… it also is close to the Western Ghats… chalo enjoy your stay… its better than Mumbai I am sure way too crowded, but somebody saved my life in Mumbai so I reckon people are good there… poor Bangaluru):… you know the Cities got the worst Govt. administration… Chennai is a very nice place, you should go there I am sure you would like it even though it maybe in tatters with the floods. Enjoy anyway…

    1. I get what you mean. Most of the cities are like that. Most of them are crowded and most of them have too many immigrants.

      Some day I hope I can visit chennai. 🙂

      1. Well, I have been a Chennaite, and been in Bangalore for a while… and feel very pround of Bangalore because of the community and oppurtunities we get to do a lot of things… several groups, they do things like planting, trekking and other things too…but its not a metro arrogant like Delhi… you get pulled in the vibe… Chennai is Hot, conservative all that… but if you go there is so much South Indian flavour kind of not finding it every where… and the beaches there make it very special… but I think only a Chennaivasi can like Channai… not very embracing as Bangalore, not as friendly but nice place… I suppose the floods have softened my heart towards Chennai quite a bit… but travellers like every place – Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore… as they say its not all the CIty but the person too… I am looking forward to go surfing near Chennai and volunteer in Auroville. Bangalore, I think people need to leave Anoop, it’s very bad…little rain also traffic nonsense, no proper roads to drive and it’s a very small City… all will get bored with it after a while so they go travel somewhere else… but I am glad you enjoyed the City wish you knew how the weather was years back… the snobs here all want luxury Apartments and Malls, I think they are making it boring… better to have the simple green Bangaluru…anyway I think it will do well though community here really quite active!!

      2. I completely agree with you. I don’t think Bangalore can ever go back to the time it used to be before.

        It is pretty small city and the roads are very narrow.

  2. I don’t know much about Bangalore. I really enjoy reading your post of this hi tech city of India, ANoop. I’m surprised that you didn’t post any photos. 🙂

    1. Hello Amy,
      This was a post made in a tight deadline. I posted it exactly one minute before the deadline ended. There were pics but I couldn’t just get them.

      I think I will post them as a separate post. 🙂

  3. I am so not a fan of Bangalore and I have had exactly the opposite experience. People are rude, not a bit cooperative and deliberately mislead you. Good food and places to hang out though and the fact ALL my friends are in B’lore whether they like it or not 😛 Enjoy this journey!

  4. I feel cuz of these IT sectors, every city is turning just as how you described B’lore. I felt as if you are describing Pune. Of course there are some specialities and difference, but not as loud as like locals in Mumbai or backwaters in Cochin (if it has). If we want something strong to speak about, then it must be the place’s traditional ground. But since you have just visited the city, it could not be covered, cuz such areas are less likely visited. I liked the entire composition though, several had made me smile too. Lovely post!

    1. Hello there,

      I get what you mean. Time was too less to visit them places and do a nature walk. But I completely agree with your point 🙂

      Glad you liked my post. Thank you!

    1. It is actually. Too many malls, but very young crowd as well which is nice.
      But the last time I visited Bangalore, they were giving away cheap rides of Triumph and Royal Enfield bikes for couple of hrs. So fell in love with that place though I couldn’t get hold of a motorbike. 😀

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