Witnessing a track day

It is no news that in developed countries like UK, US or even in UAE, track days are pretty common. People who love Motorsports put aside considerable amount of money, investing in track cars/motorbikes.

Again it is not news that you need to be financially well off and have sound knowledge in automobiles to get into something like this. Yes, some amount of knowledge can be replaced by money but still you need more than the basic knowledge.

Since I fall in the category which doesn’t have both of the above mentioned, I choose to stay out and witness track days. I would have given anything to drive a good car around the track but neither is the time right nor my circumstances. Sometimes I wish I would have been in so much a better place without this craziness; this love for motorbikes and cars. I can never explain to my colleagues as to why I still keep my car which breaks down every 2 months for a month, cos the parts are not available. I wish I could just think like people who saw driving a car as a mode of transport from point A to B. Maybe I should start training my mind….maybe

Let me post a few pics of a track day in Dubai Autodrome. I didn’t take my camera and adjust with my mobile cam which is the most pathetic thing in comparison to any other smart phone. I had edit the mother out of these pics to make it look something presentable.

A little BMW


A little Honda


A Porsche GT3 , but I am more of a fan of the Cayman GT4 now and then the GT3 RS…buhahaa


A 6.3L monster Merc SLS AMG, drool drool….


I know, I know… the pics don’t do any justice but I promise the next time I go there, I’ll have my camera and then loads of panning shots.

But for now, this is all I have πŸ˜₯

On that sad bombshell, Good night!



29 thoughts on “Witnessing a track day”

    1. Knowledge :O Nahi re. I think people with a lot of knowledge don’t make noise about it like me who is quarter filled :P:P Empty vessels make more noise na πŸ˜€

      Me too, keep looking at them and then go home…. πŸ˜€

  1. No. Don’t change yourself. Keep the passion. That is what makes you, you! Money & knowledge will come. When it does, you need the passion burning. πŸ™‚

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