Happy New Year – 2016!!! The Turtle Shell

First of all, let me wish everyone who reads this blog with a wonderful, love-filled, peaceful and joyous ‘New Year 2016’. I sincerely hope the new year be better than the current one in all aspects for everyone who lives and strives to live righteously and peacefully.


I like this time of the year. It’s winter and it’s time to start everything afresh again. But I do realize that I have to deal with the same situations I have and I’ll be in the same circumstances I am in right now. So all I really do is change the Calendar hanging on my wall….. err, wait, I do not have a Calendar hanging on my wall. So that is one less problem to deal with this new year.

Right now, I finished reading the New Year post I wrote last year. Going through old posts takes me back to those times and I really have a smile on my face.

This current year 2015 was again a year with one or two major surprises, other than which things were pretty much as I expected. Drab! I didn’t expect much from this year, hence not disappointed too. But instead I’m glad for what I got this year.

I started off 2015 living with a few friends, sharing my room with them and I end this year having a place of my own. The latter feels amazing and I am pretty glad to have my own space.

In 2014, I made a couple of big travels. But this year saw my bank accounts dry as a twig. No major travels, but my major acquisition being a 12 year old, rusted and slow motorbike from my cousin who was going to sell it.  It lies unattended at home and I’m pretty happy that it is there. My first motorbike. Now that I have a car and a motorbike, life is three quarters complete. I’ll leave the rest one quarter for travels and other things.

I look forward to 2016 very much. I always did. Even in 2013 and 2014, I always wanted 2016 to arrive quickly. I should go to Mumbai once again this year to meet my friends and I should travel to Meghamalai this year sometime. Those are two things I look forward to and hopefully will happen only in the later half of the new year. The rest is unplanned.

As my Project Manager says, ‘the best way to spend time is to spend it unplanned’. I am going to listen to him for once. This is a year of uncertainty, so be it.

Even though I’m in 2015 right now and I have 2016 to go, I am excited about 2017, i.e. if I am still there. That should be a year to look forward to 🙂

I hope everyone has a classy year ahead filled with peace and contentment.


As for life, everyone is given with a turtle shell which helps them survive through hard times. Some have hard shells, some shells crack under pressure and some shells need not go through much pressure. I pray that everyone develops an extra hard and tempered turtle shell, even if it’s not needed. Just in case, you never know 😉

On that bombshell, Good night!



32 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2016!!! The Turtle Shell”

  1. Happy New Year Anoop 🙂 Year end posts are so special, I like the part of a turtle shell, I hope I get a tempered one someday 🙂 Thanks for a beautiful read …..

  2. Happy Happy New Year Sakhave! 😀 Congrats on having your own place! Hope something else, Nice & BIG happens next year, maybe your marriage (enne kollaruth :P)
    I’m curious. What happens in 2017?
    BTw, thanks for the tortoise shell wish. I’d like a Purple one! 😀

    1. Hello Ranju,
      Thank you so much sakhave 🙂 I hope this new year brings you a lot of peace and joy as well.

      Next year, so much uncertainty 😀 I have no clue about marriage but anyways will wait and see, what next year has got in store.

      I have no clue about 2017. Its just a way to look forward I guess by hoping that 2017 is special. 😛

      You mean purple colored peacock?

      Have a blast. Happy new year once again.

      1. Athangottu muzhuvanayi vishwasikkan pattanilla, about 2017. 😉 Enkilum, paranja sthithik vishwasichekkam. And yes, hoping for it to be special, is a nice tactic. I likesss it. 😀

        Purple colored Peacock also works with me 😀

      2. Hehe… Sathyam aanu. you have to trust me, lol.

        Purple colored peacock, hmm… hope I can spot one if I go to a zoo or something 🙂

        Have a good day!

    1. We will make you a tempered shell 😀

      A very peaceful and joyous new year to you too.

      Thanks, I’ll let that peacock know that you liked it. 😛

      Once again, happy new year!!! Have fun.

  3. Two things here. I agree that sometimes the best way to spend time is to spend it unplanned. That gives an impromptu change of routine. Also i liked the concept of turtle shell. Yes, better to have one in place. Who knows when it comes in handy.
    Wish you a Happy 2016, full of wonderful experiences. 🙂

  4. Although I adore people planning at the beginning of the year, I must say “be it” is a wonderful way to live in the moment and allow surprises to amaze you. So glad you decided to “be it” this year! The ending of this post is absolutely lovely especially when you talked about the turtle shell. I really love the meaning of it and the picture is just stunning with a beautiful lighting. ❤ Well done Anoop! 😉

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