A memoir of Jessica – 1

My memories were travelling faster than the cab I was in. I had no complaints about it though…

Working with ‘The Daily Chronicles’, hosting interviews and face to face conversations had its own merits and demerits. Squeeze the maximum information out of the guest who is sitting on the opposite side, was the order given to me when I joined. The only reason I got this job is because of my post graduate degree in Psychology. Though I never ended up doing anything related to Psychology, I applied some of the principles here. I was recruited by ‘The Daily Chronicles’ around a decade back … or maybe more? I don’t remember. I have lost count of the years that have passed by.

Today will be one of those days, hit by memories and choking, unable to breathe. Not many memories, but some strong and deep ones, enough to bother me.

The first time I met Jessica was 8 years ago. She was doing some major modelling projects and had done couple of movies. It had been a couple of years since I had landed this job and I was enjoying it. Partly because I get to meet a lot of people, celebrities included and partly because it was satisfying.

One evening I was informed by the Editor to interview Jessica. She was in town for the inauguration ceremony of some sports club and the newspaper managed to get hold of 15 mins of her ‘so called’ busy schedule at the backstage to speak to me. I went there before time, inauguration happened and then I met this 19 year old girl…

I remember I had asked her if she had a short name, because Jessica was very long and calling her that made me look distant. Of course I was flirting and I was very good at that. She instantly giggled and replied that close ones called her Jessie. So that just meant, she was alright with me getting closer to her. Every single response of hers was dissected into thousands of pieces, analysed by me and in fraction of seconds I would come up with the next question based on her responses. I also had the habit of forming perceptions based on an interaction but was utmost careful not to take the person for granted.

By the end of those 15 mins, I had formed a perception of Jessica. She was just a silly teenager who was like a ship without a sail, unguarded; very frank and open which was a bad quality for a celebrity. I felt she would eventually learn how to protect herself and it would be the hard way for sure. The conversation didn’t end there though that day. I told her I had a few more things to ask and she permitted me to take more of her time than the allocated 15 mins, but I expressed my interest in dining with her, talk about personal life rather than professional and was in no way related to the newspaper. I asked her out that night in a very calm but confident way and she blushed and accepted to meet me at the hotel restaurant that she stays, at 2100 hrs.

I met her that night. We spoke about a lot of things, there was no shortage of topics to discuss. I noticed how she gulped down a sip of vodka, she found it difficult as I could read from her facial expression and she was hesitant as well. But alas, it’s a celebrity requirement and there are some things that you do so that you can socialize. Sadly this is one among them.

I spent the night with her, in her room. She was drunk but not knocked out of her senses though. She shared a lot about herself, her life and the industry. A hollow blabber mouth teenager she was after 3 shots of Vodka. We cozied up in her room and I left shortly later on, since she had a flight to catch the next day morning. I definitely enjoyed the night, not sure if she shared the same thought.

I never contacted her after that and neither did she. I left it as a one of thing and then lot of such things happened in my life. She was slowly forgotten. Years passed, she had become a more familiar name in the industry. There were lot of talks about her, some good and some bad. She had definitely grown to be bigger and more influential.

It was not until 4 years later that I met her again. And I was in for a big surprise this time around…

(to be contd…)

Read the next part here.



41 thoughts on “A memoir of Jessica – 1”

      1. Interviews, still don’t know how I passed the damn exam. Don’t remember a thing, haven’t studied and need to start attending them in about 3 days !

  1. When u say Jessica, then say hit by memories… My mind begins to conjure up images- then I hope that you’re way too young- and it’s not the Jessica I think you’re talking about! Hopefully you’ve changed her name!

  2. Wah bai wah… so tell me are you short story writter?… how come you write stories simple yet well styled… I mean its good, short, clear… I wish I had your talent I am stuck to write novels… last time mixed genre and now romance genre… you will do better job for sure… and do you want to know Vikram sarabai’s love story that commenced in IISC campus with a chennai dancer?you middle aged poor but drive and photo passionate soul also self cooking eater… (touch out smily – no need of visual smiley for story writter like you) … you should have become journalist, or film scriptor or author of a book and should have promoted your book of short stories in various Literary Fests happening here and there(: … goodday… I like that Jesse too… silly girl a ship with sail, too frank too…anyway next part this girl has changed already feeling sad):

    1. Hello ji,
      I started this blog with short story. I like short stories. Read few of Anton Chekov’s short stories…

      I don’t know about Sarabai’s love story? Do you?

      I am happy that you liked this Jessy girl 😀

      Good day to you too!

      1. Oh I am planning to write Sarabai’s love story… i read it on paper and I will put a song with it too… well your stories are good… grounded and mature… and not boring to read… no spelling mistakes, nice style, good connection, quality stories(:

      2. You should definitely write about it. I would like to read about his love story 🙂

        Thank you so much Minty 🙂 Glad to know that they are not boring 😀

  3. A very good start. And, as you have written only 2 or 3 posts last month, I hope you won’t let me waiting for a long time for the next part 😛 I know I do the same, but it’s a bad practice….so please please come up with the next part in 2/3 days… 🙂

    1. Hey PCB,

      Hows things going?
      I wouldn’t hide the fact that my vocabulary is not that great. So simple words it is for me,lol 😀

      Thank you so much for your comment. It really felt nice and am glad you liked the post 🙂

      Have a great day!

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