Daily Miseries

Yesterday evening… 

It is funny that I do not recollect much from yesterday evening. I remember I ate something before I found company of my mattress and warm blanket. The lights were still on, so I had to get up and drag myself towards the switch board. As my hands reached for the switch board, I remembered that the dishes were lying in the kitchen and I am yet to do the dishes.

I mumbled…. ‘LIFE IS HARD AND UNFAIR’ and I went to do my dishes before I could finally hit the sack.

Today morning…

I woke up, thanks to the alarm. The alarm also happens to be my phone. The exact and only reason why it is still left unharmed. It would fetch more resale value than me, if I were to put both of us on sale. I grabbed my phone, patted on its touch screen and put it to sleep. I also went to sleep. It woke me up again in 10 mins. I have a total of 8 alarms set at different intervals, so that I can actually get up and go to work. So I finally gave up, got up and started getting ready to go to work. I realized that I was getting late which is not a good thing today. My car has been in the garage for the past 10 days and it would continue to be there for another 3 days, I’m hitching a ride with one of my colleague who leaves exactly at a particular time. I pulled myself together and hurried up. Finally I got a small lunch box out from my kitchen and put in some corn flakes, threw open the fridge and poured some milk into that. Then putting stuff into places I bang close everything that I had opened. Finally grabbed everything necessary and left the house. Damn! it’s late. I hope my colleague is late as well.

The pick up point is a bit far, I have to get a cab to reach there. But only if I could reach the ground. The worst thing in life to be waiting for is a lift, when you are in a hurry. No, it is the second worst thing. First is your wife/girl-friend. If you are single then ‘Hallelujah, Praise the lord’. Finally the lift arrived and dropped me from the 10th floor to the ground. I ran outside and eagerly waited for a taxi. Someone should be coming in a min. No one came.

I walked here and there, finally I spotted one taxi, very far. I ran towards him and we set off towards the pick up point. I constantly monitored my watch and the speedometer. If the taxi driver slowed a bit down the max allowed speed limit, I’ll stare at him with a serious face and later on with a pity face. Darn! I’m late. I hope my colleague is late as well.

The taxi driver dropped me and I ran towards the pick up point. I checked my mobile. No missed calls from him. I’m late and I hope he is also late. After 3 mins, I see a car with indicators. Yes, that’s him. Holy mother of God, you are great. I saved some money by hitching this ride. Thank you lord. Not to forget that I had made myself dinner yesterday night, not because I love myself so much but just to save a few bucks. So yesterday night dinner and today’s office transportation minus the little that I paid for taxi…Damn! I’m a millionaire. 1% of my car’s garage bill paid off right there. I heaved a sigh of relief.

I reached office and breakfast time fast approached. I had a wide grin. I have saved another few millions by not buying breakfast and adjusting with cornflakes. I opened my lunch box and those corn lying in glory. First spoon of it in my mouth and spat it out the same instant. Darn! Did I not check if the milk expired? I definitely didn’t. I look around and everyone has already had their breakfast. The canteen is closed. I don’t have my car to go out and have breakfast. I walk here and there. Finally the fact has sunk in me that I am not getting anything apart from the expired cornflakes with milk.

I sat on my seat and put the first spoon of cornflakes in my mouth…. ‘LIFE IS HARD AND UNFAIR’ and carried on with my cornflakes.



26 thoughts on “Daily Miseries”

  1. Very sad… if it was real I will be crying reading this… anyway here’s something for you…http://blog.ithaka.travel/blog/post/this-indian-couple-sold-their-house-to-travel-the-world … I think this angry with life creature must seek inspiration from this blog… incidently when we are angry with life, we are mostly having a attitudnal problem if not corrected in time it will be huge… best theraphy go to gym or somewhere and hit that boxing sack… but your writing is very soulful its simple but touchy… nothing fancy just flowing but very practical as well… why did you not become a journalist?… well is life really all that bad and we fool ourselves that is wonderful all the time… I wonder… do you know about Ligo… and Einstimes’s theory being proved real with the existance of gravitational waves… and did you know Emstime had a girl friend he could not marry because of poverty, he had kid and all… later I think he got money and married there in his bibiography… its strange so many great people we know will have some shades of grey(: … goodday…

    1. That was a wonderful link. Lovely blog and nice couple traveling the world. Thank you for the link. I have one more blog to visit now 🙂

      Glad to know you like my writing. Probably, I should have been something else. But sadly I misunderstood that this was better and here I’m.

      I know about LIGO and Einstein’s theory.

      Life is grey minty ji. We think it is white but it is not 😀

      Good day!

  2. Yeah… it is… I view things grey… never think anyway was perfect in the past… we have bad days but good days as well… something similar to this for instance.. started with nothing on mind and then nice things happen(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuzTHxOR4C0 … btw the guy might get stomach upset tommorow and may lose one day of pay plus spend on medicines I am sure he won’t go to doctor… on food matters no compromise I think he should have hooked up with a girl and taken her out to lunch or something… or gone by himself somewhere since that would be wasting money on a useless girl… anyway hope you like the song.

  3. I heard of a saying recently… not saying something like this… what you do to earn your bread and butter is boring what is interesting is your bread and butter what you do with it and how you enjoy it… I mean the bread and butter is the main thing and the thing you do to earn it… the bread and butter is what defines you and your happiness… I thought it made for good wisdom… generally I quote this one, “it is important to get wise before you get old”- that’s actually definition of wisdom I heard somewhere.

      1. No I read once a while but when I do I read some cool stuff… yeah that’s good words of wisdom… that bread and butter philosophy I heard from someone who told to introduce self not by profession or name but by telling what we are… I told them I am fasinated on touching doggie, cat, and cow heads and like green stuff… that sufficed ):

  4. “I have a total of 8 alarms set at different intervals, so that I can actually get up and go to work.”- I’ve 4 alarms set at an interval of 5 minutes each.. 😛

    I loved the write-up, you’ve a skill for humour, carry on with that…it just comes to you naturally… 🙂

    And, these are not just ‘generous’ words, …these are rather, true words… 😀

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