The story of our Onam lamps

Onam is Kerala’s harvest festival. Like Diwali (Deepavali), Onam is also celebrated by lighting small lamps in the evening, outside the house. For the first time, I saw lights outside our place. Surprised and astonished. I was celebrating Onam with my parents after a long long time as well. We have never celebrated any festival in the conventional way, but this time was different.


Later on I came to know that my grandmother (father’s mother) was the reason for those lamps. When she heard that my father was not planning on doing anything for the day, she (who is in her late 80s) scolded my father (who is in his early 60’s) left and right. Though he left my grandmother’s place in complete denial mode, this was the end result of the little family drama.

The next day when I met my grandmother, she asked me if my father put up the lamps and I said very surprisingly he did. She smirked and said, how would he not.

Irrespective of however old you get, mother still get to pull your ears and kick you on your bum. 😥



23 thoughts on “The story of our Onam lamps”

      1. It is wonderful that you have her, still. My grandmothers were my best friends. They were awesome. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, Anoop. ❤

  1. I had no idea about the tradition – thank you for introducing it! Hahahaha, the power of a mother, most of the time it’s difficult to say no, especially when she is right 🙂

  2. Do we light lamps for Onam? Why am I surprised? Have I been studying too much? :O
    Btw, I liked the last part. So true. My grandmother rules here! 😀
    That pic looks so beautiful. Is that the house you had written about in a post with the ancient looking lock?

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