Wallpaper #10- Hidden and Dangerous


It’s dark and he is hidden and he is dangerous.



19 thoughts on “Wallpaper #10- Hidden and Dangerous”

      1. No yaar Siddharamaiah… CM of Bangaluru… someone hurled a packet on him when speaking and shouted bomb…but the CM was still alive… later they checked the packet it was full of chocolates… ofcourse that guy was arrested… I like the spirit even if he may have been mentally instable… Chennai wonder if such interesting things happen… in Bangalore loads happen… like a leopard entered a school and was caught and put in Bannergatha and then it escaped… and a tiger from somewhere settles in Bannergatha and things like that… even if you do nothing you won’t get bored here(:… today searching for another cool news… just heard in Radio its DOg biscuit appreaciation day… waiting to know more on it…

      2. 2 people were injured… the leopord like doggy ji bit a forest ranger… on its defence it was scared… long story… yeah Japanese students are afraid to study in Bangalore fearing leoprts it seems I saw in news(: (:

      3. hmmm… wondering what happened to the star leopord… was super thrilling its story of its great escape… it has health problems like gluecoma in its eye and broken teeth somewhere

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