On a race day!

If you visit a track on a race day, you will see …




Sometimes you might also see motorbikes…


And sometimes, even more…





The best for last…






All images taken in my Nikon and edited in Adobe LR. 


20 thoughts on “On a race day!”

  1. Well… Anoopi… just came to dedicate song that’s what I can do if not read your blogs and this one’s a very special song… whatever you do, try to enjoy these little things… and somethings don’t change, observe them and enjoy… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXQ0-3XCuy4… brilliant song… the more you hear the more very nice advise this is for all of us(:

      1. hear it(: good song… you watch more tamil stuff than me so thought send a good song across to you… i think that movie too is briliant..Indira

      2. I have not watched the movie, but heard most of the songs from Indhira. 😀

        I thought you were from TN. You don’t watch Tamil movies. I watch Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and even Telugu sometimes 😛

      3. i watch very less movies…(: in that tamil thesedays is very rare… mostly on tv… i watch movies that are 3d animated and few hindi movies that have good reviews):… this song is mostly my childhood familiar tune it just hit back(:

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