And then there is this little dam called Showka

Let’s keep this simple. I’m not going to write about misty mountains as the backdrop while driving to this place neither am I going to write about the beautiful roads. Words wouldn’t do justice. We love Kalba (google maps coordinate: 25.051070, 56.349396) and the roads leading to Kalba for more than one reason.

On the way back from Kalba, there is this little exit with Showka written on it. I have seen the name couple of times, but this time a friend who was driving along said he wanted to visit that place, I gladly obliged to drive alongside him.

The remote area had a small restaurant, probably not more than 6 people can sit at the same time. The food … pretty awesome.

We drove towards the dam later, on the way there is a a channel with flowing water. Looked pretty nice and since I had my camera with me, I clicked some pictures.

The place we visited first is a ravine/channel (25.104336, 56.020877), and then the dam (25.105970, 56.044442).

The best part of any travel is actually the photographs that come along… hell yeah

The water looks pretty clear, except for the plastic bottles thrown in by people. Sad



Tried hard to keep them plastic bottles out of the frame


Clear water…



Then my over post processed shot, meeeeh…this should have some takers.


From the wadi (ravine/channel in Arabic) we left for the dam. Only have this one picture of the dam, since there is nothing more than this.


I wouldn’t recommend anyone to drive all the way to Shawka (Showka) just for this. If you are planning to visit some place nearby, you can probably think of paying a quick visit to this place.

These pics were taken on my Nikon D5200 + 18-105 nikkor, edited in LR.

Peaceful night, y’all 🙂

Warning: If anyone is planning to swim in those wadi’s (the one having green waters) please note that they are pretty deep and with absolutely nothing below to step on. So yeah, I warned you. Also those waters are another example of calmness often brings deepness along.

The numbers mentioned next to the places are Google map coordinates. Copy that and paste in Google maps to see the exact location. If you don’t find them, feel free to use the comment section below. 



38 thoughts on “And then there is this little dam called Showka”

    1. I was so shocked to see those plastic bottles in the water, I almost dropped my beer bottle too in the water… heheh (pun intended)
      On a serious note, these tourists have no sense of respect for the surroundings and nature. It is very much sad to see this. But I believe there are municipality workers who clean the surroundings every alternate days or once in a week. So that helps to preserve the place.
      I’m glad you liked the dam…

      Already nearing weekend 🙂

      Have a great day!

  1. Very sad to hear some people throw bottles right into the water. No rubbish bin around is not an excuse. Over processed photo? I like it. Sun beautiful views all round and it must have been quite a drive 🙂

    1. Sad indeed. No respect for nature and surroundings.

      It was pretty good drive actually. I enjoyed the drive. Hope you enjoyed the post as well 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day, cheers!

      1. Certainly, Anoop. I did enjoy the post. Also, thanks for the warning that the waters are deep. They do look inviting. Think before you leap, as the saying goes 😀

  2. ANooP! This is awesome!! I hope you guys enjoyed the day! 😀 the waters look beautiful! I am an excellent swimmer, so deep water it fine with me. Do you think anyone would be opposed to skinny dipping?! 😉 lol

    1. Oh, if you are good at swimming then *thumbs up* .

      I went with a couple of friends for a short drive and it was fun. 🙂 🙂

      Don’t think skinny dipping would be a great idea, especially considering the laws of this region. 😛

      1. Great! So glad you had a fun time! 🙂 Got it – no skinny dipping, I’ll save that for the states. I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t offend you with that comment. I do follow the laws, I am a good girl. 🙂

      2. I actually laughed out reading that comment. I hail from a liberal land, where they follow democracy and people are a lot crazy 😉 So nothing offends me.

        States is a very good place, so are most of the west and Asia pacific region. Lot of Indians would die to migrate to those lands 🙂

        Have a great day, good girl 😀

      3. I’m glad you laughed out loud! I’m sometimes sarcastic! Lol I have yet to make it to that region – it is definitely on my bucket list now, since viewing your photos! 😀 Hmm…probably should have put good in quotes! 😉 I have a lot of fun! Hope you have a fantastic day, ANooP! I’ll try to be ‘good’! haha

      4. Noted – go to ANooP’s region in the winter. Got it! But may I ask…when is winter there? Thank you, have a fantastic weekend yourself! Sorry, that was the last question – don’t want to be a bother!

      5. Haha… it’s a pleasure to answer you 🙂 Winter is from Nov to Feb here. I stay in UAE which is middle east.

    1. Since this is a less populated country, they do have municipality workers roaming around to pick up the trash, alternate days or so. Still not an excuse to litter around.

      Thank you so much Rekha, have a great day ahead!

  3. These photos are fantastic, Anoop! The clarity of the rocks and water are incredible.
    Thank you for the tour, I really enjoyed it 🙂

  4. Saying the pics are stunning would be an understatement! Its a shame how mankind so easily damages the gifts it has been bestowed with by nature, and unfortunately the future generations will have to pay a heavy price for it. (sorry for the digression!)

    1. Hello Leena,

      It’s very true. I agree with you on your statement.

      Thank you so much for the comment. Btw, your blog is with Google and not WP right?

  5. I get annoyed easily when seeing the debris on the water..why littering at the first place?
    Beautiful place as it seems, although not recommended? ..Did you jump into the water?

    1. I can understand how you must be feeling. Water bodies are like your second home 😉

      There is nothing other than this small water stream, hence I wouldn’t recommend driving all the way for this.

      I didn’t have another set of clothes, so no adventures 😀

  6. Beautiful place. The water in each place looks different alle? I mean the water body in Kerala & this look entirely different. If we compare these with the ones in other places, we’ll get water bodies in diff shades.
    Keeping science out of it, simply to think that the same water presents itself majestically in different places, it’s mind-blowing.

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