Eleventh Hour

Tonight, John decided to go on a hunt. He was assigned to investigate and nab a gang which had made a mockery of law and order in the city. As per reports, a masked gang of four who were going around looting and killing at eleventh hour. More than three cases had been reported, out of which all the victims had succumbed to hammer blows leading to brain injury. John had decided that he would patrol the city tonight and try to put an end to this. He had his dearest buddy, a fully loaded hand gun to go with him.

Luke, a contract killer had arrived that evening in the city. Among the kingpins of underworld, he is rightly known as ‘The Satan’. He had never been caught, after a series of 18 high profile murders that he committed throughout the country. He managed to sneak out of the crime scene without leaving a single clue. Also he was so clinical that he wouldn’t fire more than a bullet to kill a person. But last year, he was nearly caught by John who shot at Luke, aimed for chest but could only manage to hit his left biceps. Luke had barely managed to get on his foot in time and escape. After that no one knew where he was until that evening when he returned to the city.

Kabir, a rich businessman, was out on a party with his wife Aiysha. They both were running a jewelry store. Kabir was a big shot and under the name of jewelry, he had set up various businesses; some legal and some illegal. Aiysha used to be against all these until she got blinded by the comforts that money had to offer. She became a partner in crime and lent a helping hand to Kabir in his business. Tonight their kids were with the caretaker, who had promised that he would stay for an extended 2 hrs over his normal duty and make sure that the kids are asleep before he leaves.


The party ended little after midnight and they were home around one o’clock early in the morning. The caretaker had spoken to Kabir over the phone before he left at 11 pm that the kids were fast asleep and as instructed he had mixed a very minute quantity of powdered sleeping pills to make sure that the 6 yr old twins don’t wake up in the middle and make things hard for Kabir and Aiysha.

Upon reaching home and entering the house, they didn’t bother switching on the lights of the hall and started getting intimate. The curtains were left open though the windows were closed. The light from the veranda which barely came in, helped them get a silhouette view of each other. They started getting passionate…. and suddenly the table lamps went on.

Kabir looked back and his whole system crashed for a second. In a matter of few seconds, he started sweating profusely. Aiysha looked at the man sitting at the chair with both his legs up on the table. Without a second though, Aiysha shouted out loud,

‘Who are you? What the hell are you doing here?’

There was no reply, the man just stared at her and his deep black eyes piercing her soul.

Kabir was trembling with fear but he managed to grab the hands of Aiysha tightly, which is when she sensed danger.

Luke had decided to pay a visit to Kabir and his family.

A year back, Kabir was held at gun point by Luke before he was saved by John, the cop. Kabir had reasons to believe that Luke was no more, since there was no news about him for the longest time. The last thing he saw was Luke hugging his body and running for his dear life. He believed religiously that Luke was no more, and the belief proved right until that night. None of this was known to Aiysha as Kabir didn’t want to scare her.

Tonight Kabir was seeing, feeling and sensing death. It would be something if some cop steps in like the last time and saves him.

Luke spoke out, ‘I am here for Philip ‘The Hunter’. I am sure your friendship goes a long way with him. You don’t tell me his whereabouts, you die.’

As he finished this, his hands reach the Beretta M9 with a suppressor (silencer) attached to its firing end, placed on the table which both Kabir and Aiysha hadn’t noticed.

‘I will scream loudly for help now.’ Said Aiysha in a bit to deter Luke.

Luke took his foot off the table, lifted his gun and touched the photo frame with the gun. The photo frame played picture of their kids.

‘You have wonderful children. They are upstairs; fast asleep, safe and sound. If I have to kill you tonight, bear in mind that you won’t be going alone.’

Aiysha stopped talking instantly.

Kabir finally gathered some courage and spoke out, ‘Luke….’

Hearing the name, Aiysha understood why Kabir looked so pale.

Kabir continued, ‘Please let me live. I will do whatever you ask me to.’

‘Tell me where Philip is. That’s all I need from you. He betrayed me and nearly got me killed by that bloody cop. I will put a bullet through his head, wherever he is hiding and then I’ll put a bullet through that bloody cop’s head. But first thing first, tell me where Philip is’

Kabir gathered some courage and replied, ‘He was caught by the same cop who shot you. He must be jail.’

‘You think I’m stupid?’ asked Luke, who was still calm, composed and silent as usual.

Aiysha had overheard one of Kabir’s conversation and she knew that tonight ‘The hunter’ had gone to John’s house to finish John, who posed a big threat to everyone and he was the one most affected by having John around.

Luke continued, ‘I do not have time. Either you tell me where Philip is or die.’

Before anything, Aiysha reacted immediately telling him that Philip must be at John’s place tonight in a bid to kill John. Kabir closed his eyes hearing this. The final nail in the coffin was driven by her. Now Luke didn’t have a reason to keep Kabir alive and before this thought had left his head, his skull was pierced by the bullet from Luke’s gun.

In a matter of seconds, there was a pool of blood and Kabir lying some yards away. Luke was quick, he moved towards Aiysha and said, ‘He had to die, that was the contract. A year old contract. But you don’t have to. You can live for your kids, if you wish to….’

He picked up the car keys which was lying on the floor and gave it to Aiysha and asked her to drive him to John’s place. Aiysha was back in her senses, no tears parted her eyes. She listened to him silently and took the keys and got into the car.


Aiysha kept driving and in sometime her mind was ready to plot a revenge. She decided to take Luke through the forest saying that it was safer to go through here than the regular motorway. She did so and they were soon moving slowly through the bad patch of roads which was untarred; regular gravel road with just the headlights directing the way forward. Luke had plans for Aiysha and he had planned to finish her off after reaching the destination; a thing that Aiysha expected would happen. She had to do something quickly.

They had barely crossed 5 kms and out of nowhere a boulder came and fell on the front windshield of the car. Scattered pieces of glass everywhere. Aiysha stopped the car.

Luke pounced out of the car, just to see four masked men standing in the left hand side. He ran towards the right, into the thick forest. Two of the four men ran behind him and the other two pounced on Aiysha.

Luke had ran quickly and hid himself behind a tree. It didn’t matter to him if all the 4 of them came for him. He looked from behind the trees and he could hear shrieks of Aiysha. From the footsteps, he concluded that there were 2 men coming for him and that 2 of them had stayed back with the lady. He took out his hand gun which had the suppressor attached to it already,  shoved into the back of  his pants, for easy access.

When the men were almost near he walked towards them. They ran towards him and they both were coming one after another which worked perfectly for him. The first guy threw his hands which Luke conveniently missed and then drove his knees into the groin of the second guy.

The second guy was on the ground in no time and Luke while turning back got his hand gun and fired a shot on the forehead of the first guy. Since Luke didn’t like blood stains on his clothes, he walked a few yards away from the second guy who was trying to make it on his feet and then finished him off in style.

‘Now time for the others.’

He walked back taking silent steps and watched from afar. The two others were busy with the lady, one of them trying to force himself on her while the other watched. Luke stayed for a min and caught his breath.

‘Some pain with the pleasure guys’ he mumbled to himself and then took out his gun and walked slowly towards them.

In a few seconds, none of them including Aiysha were alive. Three bullets fired and three people killed.


In sometime, Luke parked the car at a distance from John’s villa. He had done his research and knew that John was now single and he lived alone there. But before John, he had to deal with Philip ‘The Hunter’, his pal from before, who betrayed him for Kabir. With his gun holstered in his jacket, Luke walks towards his house. He had exactly two bullets left, which as per him was enough for both.

Once he got past the wall, he slowly moved towards the door. The passage was a long one towards the door, though he would usually sneak in through the windows which was his modus operandi.

He walked silently and passed the first pillar and then the second pillar. As soon as he crossed the third one, an axe ploughed through his rib cage. It was Philip, who was waiting for John to arrive. He thought it was John as he couldn’t see the person clearly. But once Luke fell down, Philip saw that face and smiled.

‘Finally, I got you.’

He raised the axe aimed for Luke’s head. Luke, in the meantime had his gun in his right hand which was still shivering from the pain due to the first blow, couldn’t point the gun at Philip.

Philip smiled and took a big swing and went for Luke.

Luke pulled the trigger but the axe ploughed through his skull, and he died the same instant.But he had done just enough to make sure that the gun shot hit Philip and the bullet pierced through his chest as he was lowering the axe to strike him.  Philip tried to crawl away but the damage was already done. He succumbed to the bullet wound in no time.


The next day at the press conference, the deputy commissioner addressed the gathering, ‘I am proud to announce the end of a big operation. It was a part of our undercover operation that I and my team had planned and we executed it perfectly. The people of our city can be rest assured that those four masked men and two other criminals were dealt with in a much organised manner. This city is a much safer place now.’

The media showered praises on the excellent work done by the Deputy Commissioner and his team. The people who read and heard this news heaved a euphoric sigh of relief. They were all praises for the excellent law and order. They conveyed their gratitude  by holding processions and banners which had praise words for the Police department.

John still wondered…. ‘What happened that night?’, but nonetheless his senior must have already made up a story to cover that question for the future interviews.




17 thoughts on “Eleventh Hour”

    1. Lool at the disney movie comment 😛

      The last story I killed only one. I regret that and in this I killed a lot of them 😀 Success!

  1. I was feeling a bit worried at first when everyone was dying. 😛 But, finally, it was rightly served…

    Media. police force, politicians- they never let go of a chance 😀 I think they could have been the best scriptwriters of the world…

    Great story and loved the writing style, I was hooked till the end… 🙂

    1. Very true. Media, politicians and police never let a chance go. Especially media.

      Thank you Mani. I was reluctant about posting this story . I had written it a few months back.

  2. This was a brilliant piece of writing, Anoop. Action packed from start to finish and it had me guessing who would go first and then who would go next 😀 Sounds like Justice was served in the end – you run, and karma will catch up with you in the end. Different methods of murder and revenge too 😀

  3. This belongs to a graphic novel dude! I attended comic con last month and I think I was reading this with the background score of those thriller novels that were being launched there. Absolutely nuts… In a good way! 🙂

    1. Tbh, never thought this post was any good. I think this was written 3 months back or so. Also I posted it because of some external push (someone who proof read this) 😛

      Thank you so much Prajakta…. Have a great weekend!

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