Battle for supremacy – Time vs Money

If you ask me, this battle is too classic, intense and confusing. Justifying one over the other seems almost impossible. When the battle is between peers having more or less equal value, things get complicated. It’s like a battle of supremacy between Senna and Prost, you can never say who is better than the other.

Scenario A: 

Joe walked down the stairs and into the parking lot. Just as he unlocked his car, he remembered that he didn’t pass a rather important message regarding work to his colleague who is still in the office which is on the first floor. 

No problems, thought Joe to himself. He sat in his car and picked up his mobile phone. Dialling his colleague, Joe let him know what he had to and then he left.

Scenario B:

Joe walked down the stairs and into the parking lot. Just as he unlocked his car, he remembered that he didn’t pass a rather important message regarding work to his colleague who is still in the office which is on the first floor. 

He dropped his bag in the car, locked the car and ran back to meet his colleague so that he could deliver the message. Once he had done so he came back, got into his car and left.

In both the scenario, Joe got the work done but with different approach.

In scenario A, the person (Joe) saved his time of going to and fro, but instead used up a little money (phone credit in this case) to get the thing done. In scenario B, he saved his money but spent a little amount of time to get the thing done.

Ask me and my father or anyone from my generation, we would say that we used to walk 20 mins from the railway/bus station to home so that we could save those 10 bucks. Fast forward to now, you ask a youngster and he would say he took a cab home from the railway station and saved 20 mins of his precious time.

In any of these above cases, I would be a confused judge. Money equates to time or vice-versa, and that both the ways of approaches are right if looked at from the respective resource point of view.

Just letting you know that I’m a confused soul. Well, time to watch Batman vs Superman to know which of these resources take the upper hand.



23 thoughts on “Battle for supremacy – Time vs Money”

  1. I like this ANooP! The only thing in really confused about is which superhero is hotter! 😉 haha! J/k! Being confused is part of life, I’m sure everyone feels it at least one time every day. 😀 Nice post! Another short story in the works?! – Please, ANooP?! 😊

      1. Everything we do or don’t is associated with money and/or time. I guess I can expect to win every single time. 😉

  2. Well, the equation is pretty simple. If you want to save one, you’ve to lose the other 😀 Time and money don’t have a friendly relation 😛

    But, walking always works for me. For a short distance, I prefer to walk if I’ve time. I love to walk with my earphones on… 😀

    1. Yeah, they hate each other. That’s why it takes so much time to earn some money (in the honest ways of course)

      Walking with ear phones…. hmmm, bad idea. You never know which truck is coming for you. 😀

  3. You have drawn strange examples here. And like you, I really don’t know a clear cut choice. Maybe, it depends on the 20 minutes that we saved… HOW we wanted to spend that time. Maybe the 20 minute walk of daily introspection and exercise is my choice or maybe reaching the office 20 minutes early for breakfast is yours.
    And the fact the we have the luxury of money to make that choice… I guess.

  4. The case here would depend on who is the one to whom Joe must pass the information. May be earlier generation would have preferred second case in all the conditions.

    But we are like,
    “Nah, he hardly cares, let me call” or
    “I get to talk, let me tell in person!”

    1. I also thought the same, the earlier generation would have just followed the second case whatever maybe, even if there were technology to aid them.

  5. Nalla post. Enik orupaade ishtayi. The answer changes with situation and so, there isn’t one final answer to it. We all know that.
    But there is one more thing I’d like to add. These days when we use automobiles way to often, walking back up to office will add as a mild exercise. Now that Joe has two benefits from walking upstairs, he should go for it 😛

    1. Exercise, definitely yes 🙂

      Some people don’t have a second thought. They will either walk up the stair or pick up their cell phone and call, I don’t know what made me think though. 😛

  6. he he he nice one .. right this is what i think Time is Money . So if you save Time you definitely Save money.. 🙂

    I think I have learned in todays world TIME has a lot of value so I would Love to save TIME always , money comes and goes today you have tomorrow you may not.. BUT TIME has value all the TIME 🙂

    and what did you think of the movie batman-superman I found it a waste of time , too much hoopla over nothing and how long it was .. I found it boring and my cousin whom i went with actually dozed off in the start , I had to elbow him to wake up ..

  7. A timeless battle… but a great debate. Can go on and on. To each person the equation varies, some may be so high on money but low on time and vice versa.
    I think it all depends on priorities at that very moment. When time is short, someone can actually go that extra mile and spend through their nose to draw a balance.
    There can’t be a set answer to this 😛

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