Gravity – When our feet stays stuck to the ground

Earth has lost it’s gravity…

It has now started to let go of things that aren’t rooted to it. The whole of 1.6 billion people who shared the soil, have now started to float around like birds. A large flock. Even if two loved ones were to hug on to each other, they wouldn’t be able to do so for long. The blowing winds, the objects moving around came against them.

The buildings, towers and super-structures with strong base stayed hugging Earth. Trees stayed, plants stayed, water bodies stayed.

Snakes came my way and we left each other unharmed. It was not interested in stinging me today and nor was I interested in smashing its head. I saw a bundle of dollars coming my way. I didn’t chase it this time because I was unsure as to what purpose those will serve me now. I saw a huge piano going up and sighed that there would be no more music in this life.

For once I saw justice being served equally. Despite being white, black, brown, rich, poor, family, single, retired….none were spared. Each and every one of them were set free. For once, sky was no more the limit.

I wondered how many days I could float around like this before I’m no more. 5 days, 10 days or maybe 15 days maximum. Will that be enough to touch the moon and be back here? No is what my mind says. I can put to rest all the future goals and ambitions now. It really feels light knowing that I live for nothing and I am shackled by nothing. Nothing holds me back anymore. True meaning of freedom.

I can’t even wish for Earth to get back it’s gravity. The fall from height would be enough to break me into pieces. Similar would be the case with most if not all the people.  I’m content knowing this situation serves me best at this given moment. I don’t long for days to go by quickly or to get back anything that was lost. True meaning of living in the present.

If clouds had any life in them, I could say that I felt exactly like a cloud. But again, the human race floating around were nothing better than pieces of log floating around. Clouds carried life in them. We were void spaces, empty of anything useful to others.

Wakes up and feet is still on the ground and not in the air. What a despair!



11 thoughts on “Gravity – When our feet stays stuck to the ground”

    1. Hello there,

      I’m glad you liked the post. You have a wonderful blog as well.

      Hope to see you here again.

      Have an amazing day ahead!

  1. Such a captivating piece of fiction, Anoop. I didn’t see the ending coming 😀 From the way you wrote it, it sounded very cool the world lost its gravity and people had to cling to something to continue to see each day. Though it must be hard and everyone is not happy about that.

    Haha, you sounded very sad to wake up from your dream!

  2. I had read this post a while back – forgot to comment because it led to some weird (and unrelated) thoughts in my head through the concept of gravity. Thanks for inspiring 🙂 I might just post some of those thoughts.

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