The Son of God – Healer of souls

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In the wake of all the thoughtless misdeeds, God stood helpless. Much beloved he may be, but love must never overshadow justice. Much saddened by his own decision yet found courage required, he burst out at him; the actions which put him to shame and the result of his actions.

Far in the middle world, where the Nagas (snake gods) reside… you may live there until the day comes when you are worthy of heaven.

With a bowed head, the son walked away. Not too long, he was a born to a farmer and his wife as one of their twin children. They name him Dev, which meant God.

Earth shared a place between hell and heaven. There was anger, hatred, jealousy along with love, trust, hope. Those considered lowest of Gods in might, Nagas ruled the Earth. They were the only visible Gods to the human eyes and the humans worshiped them.

Dev had realizations early on as to how and why he was punished and sent down to Earth. His ultimate intention became to make his repentance known to the heavens and get back to where he belonged. Even when he grew up with the other kids of the village, he was away from many emotions familiar to human kind.

With the arrival of good in the form of Dev, there came a lot of bad to Earth. Spirits, demons and damned souls. The demons spread agony in the village.

In the evenings, Dev would spend time in the woods where it would be silent. The Nagas would be in vicinity, knowing that he was the one who had the power to save. The demons roamed at night while the Nagas hid themselves far from the reach of demons knowing the wait was going to be long before these evil spirits and souls be sent back to where they belonged.

(To be contd…)


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    1. Hello Mani,

      Thanks for the proof read. I’m sure you will find many if you go through it again 😛 Didn’t put much effort into proof reading.

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