The Son of God – Slayer of the Evil

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Time passed; the evil spirits and their acts gained more momentum in the village. The Nagas went hiding for years. He who is the savior, grew big and tall. Some nights when Dev walked by the empty village roads, he would sense a thousand evil souls behind. Yet, none challenged him till the dusk that day. Neither did he return the favor.

The village saw a down trend in everything. Rainfall, yield, happiness. People were unsatisfied. Some migrated to nearby lands, some stayed back in hope.

The Nagas decided they wouldn’t let things go this way. If the heavens had to help, let them show a way.

This night wouldn’t be like any other night.

In the woods, hundreds of snakes assembled. They made their plea heard, only to be ignored by Dev.

As hours of darkness reached its peak, the Nagas came out in search of the demonic souls. The evil spirits found the Nagas, began tearing them apart. It didn’t take much longer that the population of Nagas reduced by half. The evil spirits were powerful and above the reach of the Nagas.

Dev knew now was the time for him to help the Nagas and the village, yet with a doubt in mind whether he would make it alive this night. He said his prayers and further wasting no time, he walked towards the evil spirits. The Nagas were happy to see him. The evil tried to overpower, but nothing impacted. Realizing the strength he was bestowed upon by the heavens, he commanded  every evil spirit to show up in front of him.  Pointing to the nearest Oak tree, he made all the evil spirits enter into it.

Looking to the sky for a second, he unleashed power in the form of molten lava demolishing every evil in the tree. The tree turned into ashes.

Dev fell on the ground with nothing left in him. Five of the Nagas stayed guarding Dev till he could be on his feet.

Morning came, villagers gathered.

Neither the Nagas were seen nor Dev, the ashes of the Oak tree was moved by the winds.

(The End)


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