Chapter 2 – Another Castle

I cannot stress enough on the importance of ‘staying fit’ in a travelers life. Certain locations might require you to trek for kms while certain places might require you to walk for quite a bit through narrow roads.

After we visited Lichtenstein castle, we were so smitten by the castle visit that we decided to chuck Lake Konstanz for Burg Hohenzollern (Hohenzollern castle). The two reasons for this change of plans were

  1. It was already 11 am and we had to give our rental car by 5 pm. Lake Konstanz was 176 kms away, we wouldn’t make it back in time. Also there wouldn’t be enough time to enjoy Lake Konstanz which by itself had a number of attractions.
  2. The castles and the route to these castles were mind blowing.

We also learnt a lesson; never to over-estimate. We could have never made it from Lake Konstanz on time. So Hohenzollern castle it was.

Pic credit: Google search. Credits to respective owner
Pic credit: Google search. Credits to respective owner


Burg Hohenzollern was much bigger than Lichtenstein and a wonderful castle. This time there were no hiccups in finding the route. We typed in the name and GPS showed us a route which we could actually follow and reach or were there any road works? Not sure.

We could see the castle from much ahead and it was a very welcoming sight.

Once we almost reached there, we saw a small parking lot. Free parking… yaay!!! We saved 2 Euros parking there. But then we paid for it with sweat and blood. We thought it was only this one climb and the castle was right above. We were wrong.

We climbed the mountains,

We climbed the trails,

We walked through the paved path,

We climbed steps to reach the place

Parking lot!
Parking lot!

It was almost 3 kms of steep trek.

Struggling to breathe, we stood in queue for the tickets.

12 Euros per person. Positive to this was, there was a guide in every room of the castle to explain about the history or whatever questions we might have. This was a one day offer. Sadly we were a bit time conscious but tried our best to walk around all the rooms. The guides were busy with a lot of other tourist. Never mind, there was a lot see by myself. Since it was a day off, the place was crowded. A lot of tourists and a lot of the natives…

We walked around the rooms, chapel and through a couple of other rooms before we decided that it was getting late. We had to leave at least by 1500 hrs if we were to reach Stuttgart by 1700 hrs. The down-hill trek was easier but by the end we had our thigh muscles shivering. Staying in the parking lot for some more time, we refreshed ourselves drinking some water, talking about the place in general. We were unable to fulfill the wish of taking a photograph on the bench with a lot of greenery around because there were two other families sitting there.

We left towards Stuttgart and a road work. Darn, your GPS unit goes useless because it keeps re-routing through that same route. We struggled a lot, took a lot of exits, asked a few people and finally one person told us the way in German but told me the place which I took a note of.

Once we reached the express way things were pretty smooth till filling up the tank and dropping the car off.

We sat in one of the road side shops and ate a Doner classic each and then left for our room.

Green green
Green green


Climb 1 of 100, lol
Climb 1 of 100, lol



I'm still climbing!
I’m still climbing!


I'm still climbing!!
I’m still climbing!!


View from outside


passage to the inside
passage to the inside


Garden with wooden piggy's
Garden with wooden piggy’s


A part of the castle
A part of the castle


Ultra zoom into the woods


zoom out!
zoom out!


A massive castle welcomed us... Less time and lots to see
A massive castle welcomed us… Less time and lots to see






Impossible to take the whole castle with my current lens... I give up!
Impossible to take the whole castle with my current lens… I give up!


There are a lot more pictures than this. But don’t want you guys to get bored, hence one more pic and I’m done for the day 🙂

Taken while car was moving by my friend!
Taken while car was moving by my friend! All of that we climbed


Stay tuned cos from the next day I was out on my own. When I’m out on my own, I make mistakes, a lot of them. The next few days of my trip were epic!



19 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Another Castle”

  1. That was quite a 3km climb to the castle, Anoop. But it sounded like the two of you paced yourselves well and still had the energy to explore the castle at the top. From your photo, it does look like the climb to the top had a great view…but going uphill, I suppose that was on your mind a lot of the time.

    Good to hear you got to roam around the castle on your own. Sometimes guides can go at a pace slower than you like, and unless you want to know the history, it’s nice to go on your own. Hope the crowds weren’t too much of a bother and you could get around easily.

    Also good to hear you and your friend made it back in the end. Getting lots is never fun, but hey, sometimes it never makes the trip boring 😀 That Doner classic sounded lovely after a long day.

    1. That’s true Mabel. Sometimes the guide takes long at some places which won’t be of great interest to us. Overall, I have no complaints to make. It was a very eventful day 🙂

      Doner classic was an amazing end to the day 😉

      Thank you so much for the comment. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Mani 🙂

      I do have a pic of the glass window which I took separately. They look wonderful 🙂

      I think it was from a different chapel though, not from here.

  2. Thigh muscles shivering! 😉😊 what is the significance of st George to the chapel/castle is it names such.. O guess you don’t fancy taking pics of food?

  3. Beautiful view from the climb up to the castle!
    By the way, looking at these photographs is far from boring! 😃

      1. Haha, of course! I just thought I’d let you know since you kept mentioning it in your posts. 😄
        Thanks, you have a good one, too! 🙂

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