Chapter 3 – Lost at Ravensberg

The last two days were sunny and bright, but that morning I looked out of the window and saw slight drizzles. In India if it drizzles then it probably stops after half an hour or maybe after an hour. Else rains will lash out hard for 2 hours and then it will stop. Germany is not in Asia, I learnt it the hard way.

Like the days before, I dressed in paper. A light jacket, a cap covering the ears and that was pretty much it. I had an umbrella luckily in my bag. I set off.

It was a long journey, very long one. I reached Stuttgart central station and asked for the directions to Lake Konstanz. Sorry I forgot to tell that I was going to Lake Konstanz, the one that I missed going the previous day. So at Stuttgart information centre, they gave me a print out of the route, with mentions about the trains I needed to take and where to change trains etc. Tourist friendly Stuttgart won my heart.

I was waiting at the platform for the train. Ticket to Lake Konstanz was around 20 Euros. Extremely expensive. I did a mistake of getting the ticket from the ticket machine. The train arrived and I set off to Ravensberg. After 2 hrs in the train I reached Ravensberg. The train did like 80-100 kmph speed and not more than that, if I remember correct. I reached Ravensberg; it was a bit more than drizzle, the climate was teeth chattering cold. I was shivering like a wet Pomerian dog and I had to find the bus station because connection was a bus.

I walked outside and asked people about the bus-stand, they directed me to the information center. I was greeted by a young lady. She informed me that I missed the bus and suggested me a train. I gladly accepted. She asked if I wanted to book a ticket back to Stuttgart as well. For the remaining journey, from Ravensberg to Lake Konstanz and then from there to Stuttgart she gave me a ticket that costed only 25 Euros. I could have done the same from Stuttgart and got a cheaper day ticket which I could use through out the day. 

I went and stood on the platform, teeth chattering continued. Train came but I couldn’t verify the train number, I didn’t board it and that was the train to Lake Konstanz. Missed it…. Again I walked back to information center but this time I had a better plan. Go back. Seriously, the last thing I wanted was to fall ill. That means no driving Porsche, no Porsche factory visit and no nothing. It was almost 1 pm and I even if I had left for Konstanz I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the place. My paper like t-shirt and thin jacket didn’t help at all.

All I got for you from Ravensberg
All I got for you from Ravensberg

I told the young lady that I had dropped my plans of visiting the place and if she could suggest me how to go back to Stuttgart. She took another print out, marked the train numbers and gave it to me. I waited on the designated platform, teeth chattering continued. Train came, I got in and sat down opposite to a young German lady.

I was going to Ulm, one of the old towns close to Stuttgart. I had my ticket in my hand which had wordings in German, so I decided before getting down I should ask her what that meant, which I did. She explained me about platforms and trains going north and south. I had to take a train from north platform (nord).  She asked me about my travel and I said how I didn’t prepare enough for the climate and how I liked the place. Small talks. While the train was nearing Ulm, she pointed out towards a tall structure.

A gigantic structure even from miles far
A gigantic structure even from miles far

Ulmer Munster. Ulm Minster. Ulm Cathedral. All the same. It’s the tallest church in the entire Europe and the tallest church in the world. Ask me about it, I climbed that church till the top and took a selfie from the top. By the time I was back on the ground I didn’t have legs.

It was just MEGA

I’ll save the church for my next post. One of the worst days of my life changed into one of the best, thanks to the person I met on the train. Not just the Gothic church, there was something else that followed. Something, that made me fall in love with Stuttgart completely.

Sometimes I have to post process a bit, can't help.
Sometimes I have to post process a bit, can’t help.

(Read the next part here.)


31 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Lost at Ravensberg”

      1. Some pictures definitely yes, but if you see the trend today …everyone seems to enjoy over contrasting the pic and using a lot of filters. Nothing wrong with it but being a bit old school, I enjoy trying to keep my post processing minimal. 🙂

      2. I see where you’re coming from, but to play devil’s advocate (my favourite role! :D), artists have been using filters of various kinds for ages – ND, UV, IR, you name it. I know it’s a personal preference, and I also know that people have flame wars over it, so I’ll stop here. However you choose to share your photos is good enough for me. 🙂

      3. 🙂 It’s always a pleasure to know what you think as well. I get a different perspective to think up on.

        Have a good day!

      1. Yes, it’s still safe at my home. I never went to Kerala after that. It’s been a year or maybe more. Hope to pick it up before Oct.I will go home by then. 🙂

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