Chapter Porsche – 911

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I walked up to the reception. Everything looked good until they asked for my Passport. Must be a mandatory requirement for every tourist, they needed to see the originals and not even the copy. I forgot to take the other bag, which I had been taking out every single day except that day. On top of that I forgot to get my IDP (International Drivering Permit) which was in the same bag.

What a mistake! It had completely slipped my mind that I should have carried them both. It was in the requisites that they had communicated clearly in the email but I didn’t double check. All the excitement didn’t help me much. Instead everything backfired. Why is that I have screwed up every single time in my life, when I was expected to deliver?

The gentleman and the young lady at the reception made it clear that there is absolutely no chance I can rent a car without the documents. My fault, but then the guy, checks if there is any other car available after 2 hours. It takes me an hour from PorschePlatz to the place I stay. So he checked all the bookings and told me there was a Targa 4S available and if I were to come back in 2 hours I could drive that. Cayman was out of question. It is one of the most ‘in demand’ model. So I had lost my opportunity to drive a Cayman. Now what, I was sure going back but thinking if I should make my way back to drive a Targa 4S. More than the Targa, I was disappointed by the fact that I couldn’t drive a Cayman.

I reached my place and picked up the Passport and IDP, started messaging my friends if it’s worth going back all the way and paying 69 Euros and getting my 2500 Euros blocked just to drive a Targa.  The answer was to go for it. At the end of the day it’s a Porsche. I returned back and it took me 2 hours to get back, as expected.

I went to the reception and showed them my documents, this time with least excitement. They checked them, took photocopies of whatever they wanted. I waited for around 15-20 mins, while I gave them my credit card so that they can charge the fees and block the credit required. Credit card was also mandatory. Also a drivers license from the country of residency on top of the IDP has to be shown. They take photocopy of that as well.

While the young lady did the documentation, I spoke to the guy. That is when he told me he is a native of Pakistan and his parents migrated to Germany while few of his relatives migrated to Dubai. I asked if I was going to drive the Targa, to which he replied negative.

Then what was I going to drive tn_DSC_0332

The new 911 Carrera coupe, a 3.0L turbo charged engine, 370 hp which 20 hp more than the Cayman. They said that they would give it to me at the price pre-agreed by us, which is 69 Euros, and not charge me the extra 30 Euros which they do for a 911 model.

About the Drive:

I’ll describe it precisely: Out of the world.

I carried a GoPro but the mounting was not proper, hence the videos were useless.

The young lady did a preliminary check of the car with me and we noted all the scratches and dents in the paper she carried with her. Then she quickly explained me about the car since this was the first time I was driving a Porsche. Once all of those things were done, I set off. Few people gathered around to take pics of the car at the signal, proud moment.

The idea was to drive for a bit on Autobahn and then drive through the country side. I entered Autobahn and the speed limit was 120 kmph. People drove at a much higher speed but the last thing I wanted to do was to get flashed. After the battle between brain and heart, I went above 120, at ‘unmentionable’ speeds on and off the autobahn. It would be a crime not to drive the Porsche properly.

I took a deviation to the country sides.

Oh! The roar of that engine with the rumbling noise while you shift the gear, just mega. I have my strongest doubts that the engine sound is artificial. How can someone make those explosions sound so melodic! Activate the sport mode and then you are in heaven.

I could go on and on and on….but to conclude this, I really enjoyed the drive. Porsche is magic. So much thought and engineering going into that car. I would choose a Porsche over most of the modern day supercars for the reason that Porsche still makes cars for the enthusiasts (though only rich enthusiasts can afford it).

I returned the car in stipulated time, after topping up the fuel from a nearby fuel station. We did the closing formalities and exchanged thank you’s. Their thank you was better than mine. Mine was verbal, but they offered me a free ticket to Porsche museum as well.

Gratitude Porsche, for being so nice to a commoner like me 🙂 Amazing people at the reception, very helpful. A five out of five for their customer service.

Very less time was spent on Photographs, so that I would get more time with the car.



Christmas tree in the speedometer



Along the country side
Along the country side




Along the country side
Along the country side



End of rant.



31 thoughts on “Chapter Porsche – 911”

    1. Naaa, I’m also glad I didn’t mess up 😀
      I have an old German car as well, but I’m not used to the new day tech stuff like launch control etc. Need to learn all those before I head over there once again. hehe

      1. I didnt mean messing up with car Anoop 🙂 ……. forgetting passport and IDP was in my mind when I wrote that!! Messing up with car never crossed my mind..sorry for that abrupt end there!!

        Btw good to hear about your old German car ….may be you have stories to share on this too??would love to write interestingly!

    1. Porsche Drive reception was wonderful. They made all the effort to accommodate me, despite the fact that I didn’t bring my docs. 🙂

  1. Well something is better than nothing always…

    I knew it somehow about license because I got into similar issue when I was in Germany. . 😀😀

    Lovely photos. .

    Hey come over to uk .. I can get you a porsche ride anytime you want.. Deal…..

      1. Whats happening with UK? How’s the situation there? Is it a good thing or bad thing that UK is not in EU anymore?

      2. Everything is fine..
        Moreover Europe was gaining more then uk from Europe. .

        A little upheaval for a couple of months or a year and then all will be fine..

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I used to own a 996 (2002 911) and I loved it. I recently drive a 718 Cayman S at the Porsche Experience Center in California (posted in I hope to own another Porsche someday. Happy motoring.

    1. Oh great, 996 is considered as a classic among the purists. Especially the GT versions.
      How different are the 718s compared to the higher displacement caymans? I have never got a chance to drive a cayman. Someday hopefully 🙂

  3. I will let you know when I get a chance to drive my co-worker’s 15 Cayman GTS. I am old school so I still prefer 911s. I was fortunate to own a 996 when they were huge bargains during the last recession (2009). Since I don’t have it anymore (long story). I am now constantly on the look out for a 997. You know once a Porsche guy – always a Porsche guy :). I hope you will own one soon.

    1. Caymans have a sorted chassis from what I have heard. Would love to hear from you about a Cayman. I love the Cayman GT4.

      Cheers for the wishes mate, thanks!

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