Chapter 3 – Ulm

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Ulmer Munster was quite something. The instant you get in through those huge doors, you are hit by a serene feeling. The worship hall is huge, you can barely hear a sound of people talking at the other end. The beautiful architecture, wonderful ambiance and a great place to spend some peaceful time with yourself. I was alone and  I loved the place.

Let pics do the talking now, though I doubt if it would do justice to this wonderful place…

Minor shake? Damn my shaky hands








Scale model of Ulmer Munster, from the side view you can see only a single small tower but in reality it’s a twin towers. A pic of those twin towers is in my previous post.

Talking about getting to the top of this 161.5 meters high structure, it is no small task. I am not extremely fit in terms of physique but say average or just below average. I ended up with trembling knees and aching muscles after my ascend to the top and descend from the top.  Around 800 steps to climb, tight and narrow passage, no place to rest in between; climbing up to the top is a challenge.

A pic from half way. The river in this pic is Danube. More about Danube later on
A pic from half way. The river in this pic is Danube. More about Danube later on

It was drizzling and by the time I reached at the top, it was windy and cold. Teeth chattering….

Few pics from the top and I had to leave quickly. There is not enough space at the top for two people to stand together. Every one follows a queue, one after the another.

A pic from the top most part.
A pic from the top most part of Ulmer Munster.

I came down and there is souvenir shop at the bottom. The exit is right there.


Rewind back to the train journey, when the young lady told me about Ulmer Munster. She also took the pain of writing Fischerviertel on a piece of paper and telling me to visit this place also if possible.

Fishermen’s cottage is what Fischerviertel means. Cobbled stones revealed the real beauty of Europe. This was what I wanted to see in Stuttgart. Apart from Ulm and Tubingen, I missed seeing most of the other villages. Fischerviertel is at stone throw distance from the Munster and can be covered by walk. That particular day, it was raining and I had a very hard time walking around with my camera and another bag (which has my passport and my IDP and some other useless stuff). My cam took a good bath that day and still glad to see it is working.

So coming back to this place, it was just beautiful. Why is that you need a proof to believe me!!! OK, here is the proof.

Cobbled stone path.
Cobbled stone path.


Houses and cafes on the banks of the river
Houses and cafes on the banks of the river


Yes, I’m a Europhile. From my childhood I used to dream of visiting Europe because Europe is exquisite.

One of those bridges that I had seen in my dream.
One of those bridges that I had seen in my dream.


Dreams are in B&W, so a monochrome pic.
Dreams are in B&W, so a monochrome pic.


I asked a lady walking by for the name of the river. Knowing that I was a tourist, she was kind enough to tell me that the river in this pic is Blau and she is on her way to meet Danube.

River Blau
River Blau



Imagine having your own Porsche parked here, next to your house. Perfect, isn't it?
Imagine having your own Porsche parked here, next to your house. Perfect, isn’t it?


The walk right next to river Danube
The walk right next to river Danube



Everything ends here at Danube


I put my camera in the bag, it was already wet. I gathered myself and ran back to the railway station. I was late and tired. Eventful day it was, nonetheless. Information center helped with the train number and platform. Boarding the train, I was back at my stay in an hour.



14 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Ulm”

  1. That place has a fiction-like serenity -.that’s the picture I get from your clicks…loved it! Liked that monochrome version for dream’s sake…..your camera seems a dependable companion (despite getting wet in the rain)!

    1. I’m glad my camera isn’t broken. I’m sure I won’t be buying a new one for a long time if this one is broken 😛

      I’m glad you liked the pics. The place is very beautiful indeed, pics don’t do justice.

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Magical and absolutely ‘tranquil’. Those colourful tall Windows! 💖 the town looks so beautiful with its cobbled streets and houses. I am sure you had a wonderful time walking through these streets:) loving your European posts!

    Keep them coming:)

    And yes, I do see the logo:) wonderful!

    1. They are very beautiful. I don’t think my photos did any justice to them. Europe is just beautiful, clean and everything that we would like to see in a place. 🙂

      I’m glad you liked my pics. Thank you !

      Logo is just there, I wanted to try landscape photography…. so logo was the first step to that. Sadly didn’t take any steps after that, hehe

  3. Worthwhile . Look at that view! I like these travellers we meet who are very helpful in these ways … A woman I met took me on a town walk, and we still mail.. And the cafe! How we meet people .. Cobbled reminds me of that stanza from highwayman, alfred noyes .. Enjoyed this one the best .. Though the Porsche one was emotional ..😊

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