Chapter 5 – Porsche Factory visit and Porsche Drive.

Day 5 was only Porsche drive. Porsche factory I did on Day4, but I’ll keep it short anyways. I’m sure this is going to be a boring post.

I enquired about both Merc Benz and Porsche factory tours. Merc Benz replied me stating that they had stopped factory tours due to safety reasons. Porsche on other hand were very welcoming. It wouldn’t be wrong if anyone said that I spent some percentage of my time around Porsche.

From the Porsche Stuttgart site, you can email the Porsche factory tour team expressing your interest to be a part of their factory tour and the required language along with the date. They will confirm your request via a reply. Check here for more details.

Since they don’t allow camera inside, not even mobile phones….I don’t have a picture of Porsche factory or anything inside. Some quick facts about the tour as I can recollect…

  • Stuttgart is Porsche’s headquarters and they make all the sports car here. Some of the not so attractive models like Cayenne, macan and Panamera might be built and assembled in their other factories but even then the heart (engine) is strictly from Stuttgart. Every single Cayman or 911 is made in this factory and shipped out world wide, from wherever they receive an order.
  • The factory has 3 main buildings, the center one being the main assembly line and the parts + body shell are fed into the main assembly line from either sides.
  • It takes Porsche 5 days to build an entire car from scratch.
  • Porsche make 200 + engines and tests them in a single day. Each and every day they have targets mentioned on a board in the workshop.
  • Each engine goes through cold testing and if they find a leak or a failure in the engine, they take it out and repair it. Then the failed engine goes through cold and hot testing. Cold testing is where the system is pressurized at a set pressure above operating pressure and checked for its functionality and leaks. Hot testing is when the engine is run at a set rpm and all the systems are checked for its functionality and leaks. About the testing that I mentioned here, this is my best memory and I didn’t have a notepad to jot down some more info from that day. They also mentioned that the leaks are mainly related to some hoses or something very minor.
  • Some of the vendor supplied items may be excluded from the test since they are tested prior to delivery at the vendor factory. Probably Porsche makes sure that it is tested with a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) certificate is my best guess.
  • Most of the repetitive works are automated. I’m sure everyone can guess that, but it is amazing to see a robot taking reference, measurement of the frame and then comparing it with the measurement of windshield which is held by the robot in other hand and then finally fixing the windshield. Everything happens under 5 mins, both front and back. Very impressive system.
  • The warehouse where they store the raw materials is quite interesting. Whenever the main computer receives a requirement in terms of raw materials, the red light over the rack where this material is available lights up. The automated vehicle aka robot goes there and picks it. There are a few people monitoring it but otherwise it’s all automated. The entire process looked very impressive.

The guides (2 of them) who came along for the factory tour were students doing part time job and were wonderful chaps. A five by five to them for being friendly and taking time to explain things to me. I had the weirdest of questions like ‘What pressure do you cold test your system?’ To which they didn’t have an immediate answer but finally managed to put a number, which is around 1.5 bars for the hoses, smaller stuff and around 7-10 bars for the engine block and the tougher lot. I’m not sure about how right or wrong it is, but the point is that they were bang on with their explanations. I would have loved to do their job. I think that is the coolest part time job to have.

So let’s move on with Porsche Drive now, which I have already posted. Read about it here.

Later that day, I went to Rhittersport chocolate museum. Unless you are a chocolate fan or you take interest in making of chocolates or reading about the vast history, I would recommend you to chuck this. The entry is free, but it’s quite a distance from Stuttgart. Actually it’s near Tubingen which is 25 kms away from Stuttgart.

I could have avoided it but no regrets. Coming back I spent some time at the Schlossplatz which is walking distance from Stuttgart central stataion. My friend was leaving the next day morning and hence we met up there to pick up dinner and our little BMW from Sixt at the 24 hr depot near central station.


Pic courtesy: Google search. Credits to respective owner.
Pic courtesy: Google search. Credits to respective owner.

There is a nice walk around the fountain, with a palace in front. It’s good to spend a couple of hours in the evening with your family or your loved one. Unfortunately I was tired from all the running around from the morning but still we managed to get some dinner and we proceeded to Sixt to pick up the car.

To my utmost frustration, for the 2nd time, I didn’t get the car I wanted. 😥 Despite of booking a manual geared petrol car, they gave me an automatic diesel. *sob sob*

Pretty frustrated, we drove back to our room in that generator powered car.



13 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Porsche Factory visit and Porsche Drive.”

  1. So lucky of you to have visited the Porsche factory, Anoop. It is amazing to hear what they do there. Five days to build an entire car from scratch – it sounds like Porsche likes to piece together their cars carefully, what with the testing and all. Good to hear the part-time students were so helpful – I’m sure they were very honoured to work for Porsche 🙂

    Rhittersport chocolate museum sounds like a delicious trip, and worth the travel if you are a chocoholic. I hope you took some chocolate away with you 🙂

    1. Hello Mabel,
      Glad to see you here.

      It was good at Porsche and lucky to see it all. I am glad you liked my post regarding that.

      I had to compete with some kids and I actually got 1 chocolate. It was nice 🙂

  2. I bet you’ve gathered a gargantuan knowledge about Porsche from your trip. Quite natural of an automobile enthusiast like you 🙂

    The Rhittersport chocolate museum sounds great to me, I love chocolates 😀

    By the way, check your mail… 🙂

    1. I got to know a few things and I was really happy to see robots around. 😀

      You get one free chocolate by pressing a button, I stood in queue with a few kids and later fought with them and got my chocolate. hehee.

      Have a great day 🙂

  3. What a cool adventure! Great to see the manufacture and gain some knowledge. I’m sure it will stay with you for a long while. 🙂

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