Dart board and the blank stare

Standing in darkness I couldn’t help but wonder, what next?

I couldn’t confirm for a fact whether I stood in a room or a dark alley way … but the only reality then was darkness.

I waved my hands in the air as I moved around. My hands fell upon a small box which had what I feltΒ were darts. A few of them. The box was solid, I could feel it but whether it was placed on a table or if it was supported in some other sort was beyond me. I picked up the darts and aimed at infinity. I didn’t know what else to do. I shot the first dart, it left my hands and then vanished into darkness. It was unsettling to not know what I was aiming for, where the dart-board was. So much uncertainty.

Photo courtesy: Google search, credit to respective owner

Thinking if I change directions and try again, I might find the target I picked up the next dart and threwΒ it in the direction which I felt would find the target. Another dart lost for nothing, but the urge to find the target still remained. I picked up yet another dart and I failed to find the target again. Disappointed but somehow the whole process got me addicted to it. Who ever said failure was addictive? or the urge to try and find the target was?

I carried on firing darts in all the possible directions but to my dismay none had hit the board. Obviously I had to rely on my ears, eyes were useless in this given situation. But once the dart left my hand, it was opportunity missed as usual. Half a dozen of darts and no result.

I move forward waving my hands, not in search of light but in search of more darts…



12 thoughts on “Dart board and the blank stare”

  1. Lovely piece of fiction, Anoop. I love it. Very well done. As I was reading I kept wondering if he will find the target. “Who ever said failure was addictive?” What a great line, and we can all learn from this. The character here is certainly very curious and he isn’t taking “no” for an answer. He really wants a way out.

    I’m curious about the ending of the story. The character seems very much content to keep going around in circles in darkness. Maybe that is a metaphor about our character in real life – we get stuck in a routine and although we don’t like it, we put up with it hoping it will lead somewhere.

    1. First of all, glad to hear that you liked my post πŸ™‚ It’s very satisfying to know.

      Thank you Mabel. Recently I have not been spending much time with blogs but some quick ideas pop up and I post it here. πŸ˜€

      Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Very insistent with the darts ! I had a dream of darts some nights back. I was throwing them at the clouds to clear the sky – wherever I hit, the cleared to show me the stars.

  3. Failure is addictive, as they say, failures are the pillars of success :-D. A nice piece, Anoop, really liked it, especially, the ending line. Happy to read your post after a long time.

    I was just thinking of shooting you a mail about your whereabouts, but then on a second thought, I decided to visit your blog to see if any new post is up here. Glad to find it…:-D

    Hope you are having a nice time…. πŸ™‚

    P.S. Don’t ever think of quitting blogging… grrrrrrr 😑

    1. Hello Mani,

      Hope you are doing fine. I still expect your comment on every post of mine, habit I guess πŸ˜›
      Glad you liked the post. I have a lot to catch up in your blog ehh?
      Thank you

      PS: No drive at all, I’m actually in two minds 😦

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