Decisions – End of the road!



I sat in my shady room of a distant guest house not knowing what next. The ceiling fan above squeaked as it rotated in slow pace.

In my younger days, I used to run faster than this ceiling fan. I thought.

It’s late night or rather early morning. I could go out but that wouldn’t cure my thoughts. The streets wouldn’t be empty. The street leading to Baga Beach is never empty. There was something else that concerned me. Those thoughts have been within me for a good number of years. Somehow I have learnt to live with it, knowing that someday or the other they will be a source of constant trouble in my life.

Later on I left my room for the more vibrant street. The street was lively. Plenty of happy, beautiful, peaceful and smiling faces to look at. The steady pace of the crowd tagged me along. I walked with the crowd, looking at the various shops, lights…. green, amber, blue.

Where the street ended, the sands started. The crowd had already dispersed on the way. I was once again alone to walk those sands. Soon I stood a few feet away from the beach. There is this thing about standing on the shore of a beach. You hear the waves and that’s it. The sound is constant. The sound is special. It directly appeals to the soul. It’s music, relaxing and you can lose yourself in thoughts for hours together.

But it is also a realization. Realization that this is the end of the road you traveled. This is all that road can take you. There is nothing more you can do, no further you can go. You have taken all the effort to reach here and this is where the effort ends. Basically it’s a realization that you cannot go beyond this. All you see is the vast water body and a horizon. All you are left with is a question,

What next?

The sooner you find an answer, the sooner you can get back and start working on the next best thing you think is worthy of your time. If you do not have an answer, you stay there thinking about the ways to best handle the situations going back. You will be lucky if at all you can find an answer because the road leads no further. There is no going forward from here in search of answers.

A beach visit; can be a pleasant memory for most, but a journey to nothing for some.

(Subject in the image and inspiration for the post: A dear friend)


17 thoughts on “Decisions – End of the road!”

  1. Another great piece of fiction from you, Anoop. Running faster than the ceiling fan…that is quite the expression. Love it. When the crowds go, it is just you. Where to go, you don’t know. But it is an ending…and also a beginning. The journey is ours to make 🙂

      1. I am okay. Hope you have been well too. Always like your fiction, Anoop. Always very life-like and convincing. Very emotional and hits the heart 🙂

  2. Have you read Robert Frost’s “The road not taken ” ?.

    Tumhara article padhke mujhe ek minute ke liye aisa laga jaise main hun udhar khadi as if it was me who is saying all this. Anyways dil ki baat zuban pe laa di tumne. Is it really fiction ??

    Sometimes you feel stuck in life like you have portrayed in this article . You find no way because you need to stop there as you have already done your best. And then Faith comes in this is where your real journey starts. Immense faith and belief in yourself gives answers to every question. The only challenge is are we ready to be patient/ flexible enough to receive the change ??

    1. Hey Prachi 🙂

      How are you?

      Fiction, not really. Some of it is, though the questions are something that I face. So it’s a mix 🙂 Sunkar acha laga ki you were reminded of Robert Frost. I’m going to read it right after posting this.

      Whatever happens hope for the best and move ahead. I work on that principle now.


  3. A bit of philosophy here. The end sometimes marks the beginning…beginning of new thoughts and journey. Watch the waves, they come, end their journey on the shore and strat again from a distance… 🙂

    By the way, as you have become pathetically irregular with blogging ( much to my annoyance) I find it hard to keep track as I myself am not-so-regular as I used to be. I subscribed to your email list just a while ago. I won’t miss any of your posts now… 😀

    1. Hi Mani,

      As usual your comment makes me happy. Your comment has become a habit 😛

      Aare where I was a serious blogger like you. I always came here to read blogs and write if I get time 😀

      I will try and get regular here 🙂 Hope to see you here as well often 😀

      1. I appreciate your support very much! I guess I have more time to take photos now than before. Hope you do well 😀👌

  4. This is something I have been thinking for a while now. It keeps coming back to me. I never find the courage to write it down the way you did. In my case, there are answers. Many of them. But to know which is the right one, is the problem. The difference here is, that water body you were referring to, I’m somewhere in it. I don’t know whether to go forward or to go back. Over the years, I realized that it is alright to go back. But what if I just have to swim another 10 meters and the shore becomes visible? But what if I have covered only a quarter of it & there are three more left? People say uncertainty is what makes life beautiful, but it could also drive you crazy. Entha le? Enne verte philu aakki kalanju 😀

    1. A lot of people will relate to this. I say it’s all about a plan. If you have a plan, try and execute it…else try and make a plan. No point in being stuck at one place in my opinion.

      All the best 😀

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