View outside my window

Success; for the society, should be something like being well-settled, owning beautiful cars and showing off their riches…for my near ones, should be financial freedom, do whatever you want without being concerned about money…for me, being in peace. Success is similar to the view from my window.


Some see it as a few fallen dry leaves and others waiting to fall. Some others see it as a place where snakes crawl around, others simply dismiss it as a jungle.



26 thoughts on “View outside my window”

  1. Such an interesting interpretation of success, Anoop. And very creative of you to to think about it together with the autumnal picture. Like you, success to me is financial freedom, to do what I can without worrying about feeding myself. But it is also about doing what makes me happy and making the best of each moment.

    I hope there are not many snakes out there and it is a peaceful place where you can sit, think and relax 🙂

  2. I loved the view and, I mean it. 🙂

    Money can’t buy peace. One who have peace of mind, is the wealthiest person in this world…

    But sadly, sometimes, my mind gets pissed of and other times I get pieces of peace for my mind… 😀 😛 😀 (hope you’ll not kill me for posting this line)

  3. To have a view like that outside your house – that’s special. It caught my attention even before I started reading the post. 🙂 The small things bring the most happiness. That has rung true so many times.

    1. I’m good Amy, thank you so much. Happy New Year in advance to you too Amy. Have a great time with wonderful travels and amazing captures!


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