The Punishment – #SpreadTheVibe

Based on a true story.

Vishal looked out of the window of the moving train. This was the first time he would be spending his Diwali vacations in Kerala, away from Mumbai. Young Vishal was accompanied by his parents and they were going for a family function which was to be held at his Aunt’s (mother’s sister) place. He was too young to be worried about the function. His Aunt’s son Rahul would be having a few days off from school as well. Vishal was two years older than him but the other cousins were either too young or old for him to mingle with. So he would as usual spend most of his vacation with Rahul.

On the eve of Diwali….

‘What? A Diwali without fire crackers? No way’ spoke out Vishal furiously.

A young boy who has never broke the ritual of bursting fire crackers was determined this time as well. Kerala was not very upfront with celebrating Diwali. The festival of lights is celebrated with tiny lamps lit across the veranda of homes and that is pretty much it. Among this chaos, Rahul mentioned about an old man selling normal fire crackers made of tied up dry leaves on a wheel trolley nearby.

I was there to meet them all as they happen to be my relatives as well. Seeing all these happenings, I contributed some money for the crackers. It was not much though. They set off to buy crackers; an hour passed by and they were back. I could see Vishal’s dull face right as they came back. I let that go.

Evening passed by and the unusual sound of crackers must surely have made the neighbors a bit uneasy. Nevertheless, evening passed by as expected; kids bursting crackers and elders sitting by the veranda, looking at the kids as they were reluctant to step out. Maybe it is a sign of less maturity to laugh and play around with the kids, or it could be them just wanting to sit back and enjoy the kids laugh and play.

At nightfall, I again noticed Vishal…so did his parents. But he managed to avoid his parents question with some excuse. After dinner, I went and sat outside in the veranda. The elders were busy watching some movie on the television. Rahul was fast asleep by then, Vishal wasn’t. He came and sat right next to me.

‘Did you not enjoy the place? Maybe you miss your place where the celebration are 10 times more?’ I queried just to get something out of him.

He nodded negative to that.

‘Did you guys create some problems on the way to buy crackers or while coming back?’ 

Again a negative nod.

I whispered again, ‘What’s on your mind? You know I wouldn’t tell nobody about it!’ . 

Actually I do have the reputation of being silent and not sharing things that matter little, with the elders. They take hasty decisions and sometimes end up frightening the kids more than helping them out.

Vishal, in a very feeble voice, started narrating… ‘On the way to the shop, Rahul told me that I can pick up a couple of fire crackers and put it in my pocket. The old man would never notice. He even had big glasses so he won’t be able to see me, if I do it. Rahul told me this was a good chance and though I was not confident, I didn’t want him to do it. So I didn’t say no. 

While in the shop and as he was packing, Rahul started poking me on my leg and I picked up two fire crackers and put it in my pocket. The old man saw that but I don’t know why he didn’t say anything then. When we handed over the money, he asked me if I had anything more or just the ones he had packed. I told him that it’s just the ones he had packed. While turning back and walking away, he called us again and asked us the same.’

Intrigued… I asked, ‘What did you reply?’

‘I replied the same as before.’

I asked him again, ‘Did he let you guys leave after that?’

Vishal put his head down.

I pat him on his back and he rested his head against my shoulder and asked me,

‘Why didn’t the old man punish me? If this was Mumbai, the shopkeeper would have slapped me and dragged me to my parents.’

I replied, ‘This is your punishment. You will have a troubled conscience for a few days and whenever you remember this day, you will always have guilt in your mind first, more than anything.’

After everything was sorted and everyone went to sleep, I was by myself in my room.

‘Most people in this world deserve second chances. Had that man decided to do anything other than this, maybe Vishal would have never realized his mistake. I am sure today he did and he won’t repeat this mistake. Sometimes it is OK to let go small mistakes made by others for the greater good of everybody. 

Also it is time to talk to Rahul and re-evaluate his thoughts and deeds the same way like that shopkeeper did for Vishal today.’

We need more of such people who know to forgive others for their small mistakes. Forgiving has its own power. He had set a benchmark for me to follow.


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Nam Ooru Bengaluru (Our place Bangalore) – A newly found love

When Teny pointed out this challenge to me, I had to participate in it and obviously I wouldn’t write about Cochin for quite a few reasons, first being the pathetic transport and traffic systems. Bangalore is no good either, but I was being chauffeured around. So I couldn’t care less.

Though the first time I had a chance to visit Bangalore was a few days ago, there was no way that I couldn’t fall in love with the place. It reminded me everything about my childhood, the city and the people and the crowd.

One of my dearest acquaintance, Ragu was the reason I decided to call on Bangalore. Now talking about Ragu, a malayali (Keralite) who drinks Rum like a fish and who can be seen in a lungi (dhoti) walking on 4 legs after getting drunk. I would leave Ragu for now and move on with Bangalore.

I say this is my first time in the city but not really. I had been here, during my college days. I was roaming around Marathahalli trying to find myself a football boots. I absolutely had no clue of the place but the people were understanding and helpful then. I had carried those memories along with me as I landed in Bengaluru International Airport.

Yes, this place has been a dream of every Keralite. We look upon Bangalore as a big A1 metropolitan city like Mumbai or New Delhi, though it was added to the list of A1 cities only in Sep 2007. Chennai is another superstar city in South India but I have never been there. I have heard from people that the climate is too hot, water is too salty and the birds don’t fly too high, things like that.  I don’t believe all that, but just that I haven’t been there is a major barrier about me having a take on the city.

To talk about Bangalore in terms of drive, this city is driven by youngsters. By driven I do not mean driving a vehicle, but the spine of the city. I have never experienced such a young crowd in any city. I don’t think the average age of this city will be anything more than 32 years. Thanks to the big IT market that creates major chunk of employment in the city. I loved seeing the young around. I loved seeing couple’s holding hands, smiling, talking to each other as they walk by. It just makes me feel happy. There is love around and boy, isn’t that a heart warming sight?

Another thing I love about Bangalore is that there are a lot of Sports bike in this place. This is one place where the manufacturers come first with their products. Thanks to the young crowd driven by passion.

To talk about Bangalore in terms of design, this city is designed to accommodate people of all cultures. I was raised in Mumbai and once in my classroom our teacher asked each of us to stand up and say out their native place loud. Pretty much covered all the places from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kashmir being a beautiful girl class mate of mine. Again coming back to the point, like any other city Bangalore is designed to accommodate anyone and everyone. I am well versed with Tamil and Malayalam, but I have no clue about Kannada, Tulu and Telugu. Bangalore, though is basically a place which speaks Kannada (and Tulu), I have never had problems in communicating with people in Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil. I rarely speak in English in India, I leave that job usually to Ragu if I’m in Bangalore. The point being that I never had any problems in communicating with people. This city, though in the Southern part of India, you will find people understanding and speaking in Hindi. Hence I say it is designed to accommodate.

If we talk about city planning and city design, I must say it is as pathetic as any other city in India. Traffic is horrible. It takes 2 hrs to cover 8 kms and the IT hub of Bangalore, Whitefield has the worlds most worst traffic and worst roads ever. Hopefully someday it will get better.

To talk about what connects Bangalore, I must say Iron Maiden. I have seen them perform a lot in Bangalore. Apart from Iron Maiden, there are a lot of other things as well. There are palaces, monuments and things of art for the senior people and then there are places like pubs, discos and bars for younger people.

Then what is there for me?

Petrosexual people like me can always rejoice by meeting like minded automotive enthusiasts who own big bikes and even bigger cars. We can always go for a drive in their loud and fancy vehicle. Also there are quite a few garages, which install turbo chargers in a Honda Civic. I think that’s amazing. I fell in love with Civic long back and I still think it is pretty decent car for India and installing turbo chargers is an icing on the cake. That pretty much connects me to Bangalore (hoping that the engine won’t blow up any soon).

Bangalore is connected by proper network of roads to all the adjoining states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. It is connected locally and globally via air route. There is one major and around ten minor ports that connect Bangalore to different parts of India and World via Sea. Karnataka has gained popularity because of the Konkan railways in terms of rail routes. Pretty impressive ehh… I would have loved to write so about Trivandrum (capital of Kerala) but by the time you reach the place, your soul would already on it’s way to heaven. Thanks to Quilon (Kollam) in between.

All said, I still can’t make peace and get over Mumbai. How can I not love Mumbai, which is my first home? Bangalore is only a recent one and I find the city attractive. So Bangalore, for now….you are the one. You are the great one for now, until Mumbai returns.


Do you guys have a favorite city? Why do you think that city is better than the one I have mentioned above?

I am thankful to Indiblogger and for giving me an opportunity to share my views about Bangalore with this world. 

I have used the older names instead of the recent version like Bangalore instead of Bengaluru. It’s just because I love those names more than the current ones. Not offending anyone, but a personal preference. 

Its still okay!


Thanks Prakash for extending an invite to participate in #ItsStillOkay challenge. How can I say no to your nomination. 😉


It gets really lonely here. I’m pretty much alone. Nobody to acquaint myself with, nobody to share feelings with, nobody to talk to, nobody to bother me. The heights that I have conquered helps me view the sky without any obstacles but a lot of obstacles between me and the ground below, which is afar. So afar that I cannot even see it clearly. What I see and feel are the clouds, sky and the cool breeze that keeps me fresh. It definitely is lonely, but the feeling here is pretty much of an Emperor. It makes me happy that I do not have to go down and fight for the essentials like the commoners do. I can sit at the top and everything comes to me, as much as I need, fulfilling my requirement. I sit above everything and overlook the entire world. I am lonely but #ItsStillOkay.


I will nominate 5+1 of my dear friends from WP and also extend an open invitation to every other friends here to participate in the challenge, which was initiated by my dearest friend Prakash. Check out his post here.

My nominations are:

  1. The Pb Chronicles.
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No compulsion guys, feel free to reject it if you guys are too cool to do this challenge. 😀 😛


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The world of career and college- CollegeDunia!


The Internet is a very tricky place. On one side there is information in abundance while on the other side you find a lot of junk that needs to be avoided.

‘How your life should be’, ‘How your boss should be’, ‘How your parents should behave’, ‘How your boyfriend/girlfriend should behave’ or even ‘How your pet dog should treat you’ are some of the most common quotes you will find on Internet. Seriously, I feel we have started getting to a point where we have unrealistic expectations from most of the circumstances and people involved in our lives.

This particular post is meant for one of the things that gets quoted on FB quite often-‘Jobs, careers, college, future’. All of them are mostly related to each other.

While people are often seen quoting about all these, where is something that guides and helps the youngsters reach there. To be honest, life is too short and it is really sad to see people taking up odd jobs just for the sake of money. It is a known fact that we are most productive while doing something that we love to do.  But not many are lucky enough to build a career in something that excites them. If everyone were to wait till they find a perfect job, more than half of the entire population would have been unemployed. So what strikes a balance between your requirement and job satisfaction should be the minimum requirement of every working individual or anyone who is looking forward to build a successful career.

To avoid this, students need to start strong and start clear. They need to know what they are getting into and where they are enrolling themselves. College life is one of the most important phase of any student; personally and academically. It is therefore important that you choose your college and course wisely rather than going for Engineering, when your passion is clearly in fine arts. It makes absolutely zero sense to do that. It’s like Sachin Tendulkar holding a mic and Lata Mangeshkar holding a cricket bat.

Recently, I came across this website called, which happens to be an extensive listing portal with info of say 10,000 + colleges in India; a platform developed with the intention that students can come and look up any institution they would want to go to, select different career paths, view what are the courses available in any particular institution and good things like that.

Apart from this, I also found that there is information about various entrance exams, events and college festivals as well. There was nothing like this during my time, of course not.

I was going through the website and just as a part of checking out the website, I searched for the top universities in Karnataka and I gladly found a big list describing various colleges, courses offered and ratings to show how good the colleges are.

For people who don’t know where Karnataka is, it happens to be a state in South India. It’s close proximity to Kerala has seen many of the Keralities moving to Karnataka. The reason why I chose Karnataka is simple; Karnataka is beautiful. Period.

The homepage of shows the search box to search for a particular college, if you have any in your mind.

Pic taken from home page of

In this above picture, you can see on the upper right side that there are various other options that I have mentioned earlier in the post on exams, colleges, news etc.

Once you scroll down, you can see various career options listed down and clicking on them takes you to a page with the names of all the top colleges in the business. Pretty useful.

Pic courtesy :

If you scroll down even below, there are three other thing which caught my attention

  1. The entrance exams in India were mentioned below. This sadly didn’t have any description when I clicked on it. Anyway we have Google for that.
  2. The top courses opted by students in India.
  3. The featured colleges list, where they review a particular college.

Scope for Improvement:

As with anything there is always a scope for improvement and this website also has some as far as I can see. Things they can do in the near future, if you ask me.

To start with

  • They can add a list of certification courses; which can be a good enhancement to the main course that a student might be doing.
  • They can think of rolling out career news bi-weekly or monthly, just to keep the students updated on the Market scenario.
  • They can include various top universities, courses and exams from abroad for students who wish to migrate to foreign land to do their further studies.

Before I end this post I must conclude by urging everyone to go through this site which I think is pretty helpful. I am sure that you might have cousins or friends struggling with decision-making process in regards to choosing a college and I am pretty sure this website can come to your rescue.

Last but not the least, FB says… having a bad relationship can hurt you a lot but trust me on this, having a wrong career step in a world which produces around hundreds of thousands of graduates globally  a year can burn you a lot more and turn your morale in to ashes. Career change has never been so difficult because the competition is high and the market is saturated. Choose what is best for you and stay on top of the game…. would be my advice to the youngsters.

On that informative bombshell, Goodnight!


Tribute to a fellow blogger!

Has anyone heard the song ‘God is good, all the times’? If you haven’t, here is a link to it. It’s a beautiful song.

I will edit that to ‘God is good, most of the times’ 😛 cos couple of weeks back I was thinking if I could ever pay my ode to  Maniparna, how amazing would that be. I am not even kidding, it’s true.

It’s a mix of personal and blogging reason that I felt, someday before I stop blogging I should do the honor of telling her how wonderful a blogger and person she is.

Last April or May, I happened to pass by her blog and I read a post of hers with beautiful mountains and an amazing trip written for some contest. There was no looking back after that. I used to read most of her post, comment on it if my little brains came up with something. To my surprise, she started visiting my blog as well and commenting which was not common in blogging scenario. An established blogger then with 833 followers, commenting on my blog which was 2 weeks old. Till date she remains to be the most visited with highest number of comments. It’s not about visiting, commenting but then it is something to put up with the stupidity I post which needs a special mention.

She is quite a versatile blogger. There is book reviews, product reviews, contests, short-stories, poems, haiku’s, haiga’s, tanka’s, photography, travels and God knows what more. I have had the privilege of mailing her one time regarding couple of doubts that I had; she wrote me back with the complete details and I was astonished to see the level of explanation that went in. She didn’t have to do it, but glad that she did. To write on all the above mentioned topics, you need to have a knowledge database.

One of the times, I nominated her for this and she normally doesn’t do any award/nominations but I have to appreciate her gesture of writing a post. It did make me feel good, so I entrusted her with a short story next. 😛

I will make you win 😀

I hope if there is an award, she gets it. She deserves it more than anyone out there. Proof : One of her posts.

I’m blogging for #YouMakeMeWIN to honour a blogger who has influenced me and deserves to be nominated at WIN15. Check out the contest at Blogadda.

The Free Style Writing Challenge

I was nominated by Prakash for the free style writing challenge. Usually I don’t take up any challenge but this one was really fun. Check out his post here.

So here goes the RULES of this challenge:

  1. Open an MS Word document
  2. Set a stop watch or your mobile to 5 minutes or 10 minutes whichever challenge you think you can beat.
  3. You topic is at the foot of this post BUT DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH A TIMER.
  4. Fill the word doc with as much words as you want. once you began writing do not stop even to turn.
  5. Do not cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check in MS WORD (it is only meant for you to reflect on your own control of sensible thought flow and for you to reflect on your ability to write the right spelling and stick to grammar rules)
  6. You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals. However if you do, it would be best.
  7. At the end of your post write down ‘No. Of words =_____’ so that we would have an idea of how much you can write within the time frame.
  8. Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new Topic for your nominees and copy paste these rules with your nominations (at least 5 bloggers).


My nominees for this little challenge














I can nominate quite a few more but then let me stop it here, else I would keep on typing till tomorrow. So guys get your stop watch and MS word ready before you start

The topic I was given was ‘The Train Journey’  and my attempt is as follows.

The Train Journey

I have written a post on this way before in 2014 I believe. Trains were an important part of my life. Partly cos I grew up in Mumbai and partly cos I was not a Mumbaikar but a Keralite. I used to visit my grandparents once in a year; train journeys it was. Most of my journeys with parents were those interstate journeys.

One fine thing that happened in life was that once during such a journey my father lost his briefcase. Right in front of my eyes somebody nicked it and I my cousin and mom were unable to do nothing about it. That entired changed my life for good. Our life actually. We remember how hard it was to lose a brief case and a lot of money in it. I was still young then. Train journey s have given good memories as well in the form of friends and places. One of those times I did a stupid thing of stepping out of all the stations to just make sure that I have left a mark every place that the train had taken us. How stupid can people be? I was right from then a nut case.


No of words : 200

Timer set : 5 minutes

Mistakes : Tons of – punctuation, grammar, typo’s etc


The topic for the nominees are ‘Pets’

If anyone wants to join, please feel free to do so.


Staying Brand ‘ed’

Some years back when I was in college, I got acquainted with all these brands and stuff. Before college I would usually go out to a store and buy a shirt/trouser/shoe that would please my eye. It was from friends that I learnt about various brands in retail sectors. At that time not many people apart from the very fortunate class and college students really paid close attention to brands or that was my general observation.

I still remember that I had to save up for one year straight to buy a Woodlands shoe. I walked into the showroom and my father was along with me. I asked for the price of a Woodland Spider which happened to be one of the top-selling model then and paid around Rs. 2400 + for the shoe. Though the amount doesn’t sound big enough today, trust me it was a big thing to pop out Rs. 2400 from the wallet. I still have the shoe with me, it’s still alive and kicking. I think it’s been 8 years I bought that shoe and though it looks a bit tired, it doesn’t have any signs of breaking into two or falling apart. So I hope you know where I am coming from. Similarly I have a Puma tee, almost 7 years and still it looks and feels great. A black Zodiac shirt that I wear only to special occasions again some 6 or 7 years. These branded things last.

What stopped us from buying branded things? The pain of paying hefty prices to showroom. No doubt I could afford 4 shirts for the cost of 1 zodiac which I bought back then. We had no option then if we had to buy, we had to pay the prices showroom stuck up as price tags.

E-commerce took a while in India to start. But I remember Myntra as one of the pioneers in bringing E-commerce to our shores. I am glad to say that me and my friends have done quite a few purchases in the form of gifts and later some branded apparels from Myntra. We would walk into a showroom in Cochin, check out the size of the tee-shirt, shoes and then come back home and order it online for lesser price. The delivery would happen in 3 days and we were happy that we didn’t lose that much money as we were supposed to at the showroom. Later on we used to get SMS from Myntra with various coupon codes very often. I have purchased things from there and saved 25% on items like my tee-shirt and shoes.

When I moved out of India, I was surprised to see couple of my friends still ordering gifts for their family from Myntra.

Recently I heard from a friend of mine that they are going app-only very soon. I am not sure on this if they are taking down their website. I think app’s work charm in these day of smart phones. You can instantly get notified on the current offers without having to sit in front of a screen and go through their website. The best thing about downloading it now is that ‘The Myntra App party’ is on. That means you can get a flat 50%-70% off on their largest collection ever. My friend who is India also messaged me today morning stating the same; Some guilt free indulgence in shopping.

If you are planning to buy something, then why not give it a try and choose to pay less than half the price on stuff that you want to buy. I think it’s a steal deal and  I would definitely not miss this one. #ItsPersonal

Do you think Myntra app can be a better alternative than the webpage? Do you feel you can stay more connected by the dedicated app? Will you download this Myntra app and try to get those offers displayed in their website? 

 This is a sponsored post written for Myntra.