Remembering Shoba

After a very uneasy day, I finally felt at ease with a two hour long nap. The exact reason of my body still supporting my eyes to stay awake this late night. Today was just another day filled with irritated agitations of mind. I am used to this state of mind, people associated with me aren’t, but I am. For some reason, I love this as much as any other thing in me.

Usually evenings are for YouTube. I select one song and YouTube keeps playing the rest of the songs for me while I do my work. It was late and again I am used to this. Being awake at odd times have always been a part and parcel of my life.

After my work, I came back and sat down in front of YouTube. It was playing a song from the Tamil movie called May Madham (The month of May). A.R. Rahman’s music was mind blowing, especially then. I just got curious about the director whose name is Balu (Venus Balu) but not long after that I stumbled across Balu Mahendra’s profile on Wiki.

I know him, yes I definitely do. I was accustomed to watching old malayalam movies with my parents and hearing their rants about movies, from my childhood. It’s very sad that they don’t continue that norm now a days. It was good fun when my mother used to poke me to show my father getting all excited watching those over exaggerated fight scenes and we would burst out into laughter.

On one such occasion, I remember watching this movie called ‘Shaline ente Kootukari’ (Shalini, my friend) with my mother. The movie featured Shoba in the lead role, who was by then no more. My mother quoted about her marriage to Balu Mahendra at an early age of 17 years and then followed by her suicide.

She looked very ordinary compared to the likes of Divya Bharti or Raveena Tandon, but there is something really good about being ordinary. Those were my impressions and I liked that. I like ordinary. It takes a lot of talent for an ordinary person to reach heights.

Today after a long long time, when I was reminded of her, I didn’t waste time but went through her Biography. I was amazed by the number of movies a 17 year old had done. Though I didn’t bother counting them, my eyes say it must be more than a hundred. A little more going through her profile made me realize that her mother Prema (who was also an actress by profession) had committed suicide four years later just like her daughter.

In retrospect, there are so many faces I can quickly remember who have died or killed themselves much earlier than their times. Shoba was one, Monisha was another, Divya Bharati was also in the list and the list goes on…. But as a matter of fact, I look at their life and see that they have achieved so much in their life in that short span but when I look at myself and in these three decades of existence, I fail to point out one achievement as such… just one. I think they are like those shooting stars, which come for a short period and bang; they do what they need to and then leave. They were meant to be there for just that period and leave. Maybe…

This is my second post remembering someone, the first one was about Nanditha (the poet) and now Shoba. Pretty glad they come across my mind and I can type about them as well as go back to those days. A memory of any kind would be good enough ode to any artist. Probably she deserves better than this but unfortunately, this is all I have to offer.

I am sure none of the modern day crazy movie goers would find time for watching these old movies, neither are they played on channels these days due to lack of demand but I am definitely sure that some movies from those days were worth a watch. Hopefully yet unfortunately, none of the people of my generation would even know who Shoba is, a thing I am very sure of. But well then, if I can tell some of them about her…. why not!

On that midnight bombshell, you are not completely forgotten 🙂



Fast and Furious 7

On a normal weekend, I would just stay back home and watch a movie in my laptop. Thanks to YouTube. But then the whole Fast and Furious 7 thing and Paul Walker had gotten my head from before. I didn’t plan for a movie, and my concept of watching a movie in a movie hall / movie theater means it should have some rich and memorable content. That said I had watched Hobbit series, Gravity, Rush and Interstellar in the cinemas. Need for Speed just for the cars involved…

Yesterday, one of my friend messaged me saying it was a great ode to Paul Walker, the movie Furious 7 and he liked the movie. I brushed the idea of going and watching it, again. But today afternoon saw me nap for a while and I woke up to check out the movie timings. The movie hall is 5 mins from my home. I go in to find a sea of people. It’s not even evening and after waiting for 20 mins I reach the counter. I got the last available seat and that was not close to the screen as well, but towards the side. Fine!

I go in and I am greeted by a house full of people. The movie starts in a bit and I am greeted by action. Insane action… Smashing beautiful cars… and hardcore heavy iron wrought punches that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Jason Sthatham exchange. It was surreal and I am not a great fan of that.


Lately Fast and Furious has been like this. I had watched a bit of Fast n Furious 4 and 5. I knew what to expect. I loved the first 3 parts though cos it was all about cars like Indian movie called Dhoom (the first one) which was about superbikes and then the sequels came in and killed the essence of ‘Dhoom’. After 2nd part of Dhoom, I didn’t bother watching Dhoom series cos I know where that is going. God bless Dhoom. I am glad John Abraham didn’t bother doing any of the sequels. The only movie in which I liked him a lot, partly cos of Hayabusa of course.

Now getting back to Fast and Furious 7, it had some good cars getting ripped off. Tore my heart into bits to see exotic cars dying like that (I realize that it is not real…maybe) but then it doesn’t matter. I am still heart broken. But overall I must admit that I liked the movie. I liked Tony Jaa, I liked Paul’s CGI, I liked Michelle (always have :D)… and more over I felt good watching it.

Aww… I forgot Natalie Kelly was also there for a small scene with Lucas Black, the actors of Tokyo Drift.

On the return, I pumped the volume of my radio up which was playing electronic music, and my side windows down just to feel the wind. Just goes to speak that my otherwise sleeping adrenaline was pumped up … a bit, and that was a pleasant feeling. Not going to gym for a long time had killed every such feeling that used to arise and hence it felt special tonight.

I am afraid I would have to recommend this movie, even for a conservative family. There is not much of vulgarity, but there sure is some good explosion and violence. Who doesn’t love that in reel life? But in real life, Vin Diesel wouldn’t even have attempted blowing up buildings in Abu Dhabi. So I hope you guys understand where I am coming from. It’s unrealistic action but then it’s fun to watch unless you are a very spiritual person.

Hey Vin, if you are listening. The next sequel if there is one, do something which focuses more on cars; Like Tokyo Drift or even better than that. Enough blowing up buildings in US, spare some for the rich poor millionaires and billionaires of US. I think it would be great to see you guys focus more on cars, which was the initial theme.  Not just say Limited Slips and then show me that you jump of the cliff and LSD’s saved you. Oh come on! Just use the LSD’s for better things like … you know, staying on the road!

Even this version of the movie made words flow easily and I didn’t have to look back till this sentence. Credits to you all 🙂 I am not that bad after all, I admit I enjoyed and it was fun to watch the cars jump from the airplane.

I wish the crew a very best of luck for their future endeavors and a thank you for entertaining us all  (they might not need my wishes but then it’s free) and let me remind that this was a great tribute to Paul Walker. Amazing chap he was, and will be missed dearly.

On that bombshell, let me surrender myself to Leonard Cohen’s bass filled voice; his music will feed on me or vice-versa till I call it a day.