Copa America 2015

Over these years the one thing that has not changed for me is the pleasure of watching a good football match. I always have a debate in my mind as to Football or Cars&Bikes; which was my first love and every single time I realize that I will never have an answer to that.

This will break the record of my late night/early morning post. But it is well deserved.

The Copa America 2015 final was nothing less than a festival of football. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. 120 mins of football and penalties. Chileans were amazing and I never expected them to be this good but I was sure they were good sides. Argentina with the likes of Aguero, Rojo, Higuain, Zabaleta, Di Maria and finally Messi had great advantage on paper but the game was all fair and square.

There is always something about Messi that he would get ball past defenders no matter what. Chile defenders later on adopted the foolproof method of pulling him down and giving away a free kick instead of letting the Argentinan centre forward gallop through the defense. Alexis Sanchez, my little boy from Arsenal was amazing. Sergio Aguero is always a freak* as usual. Vidal was amazing, so was Vargas. I can’t thank them all enough for the amazing match and in the end by penalty shootout, CHILE won the Copa America 2015. A very well deserved victory and the winning penalty shot was put in by Alexis Sanchez in some style. I think Argentina made wrong substitutions and was a bit ahead of time and they should have kept Sergio Aguero on the pitch till the end. But whatever, respects to both the team.

I will be getting less than 3 hours of sleep for tomorrow, but then can’t watch Copa America 2015 live and I am pretty glad to have watched the match.

At this point, I can’t stop thinking that once there lived a little boy (me) who loved Brazil so much that he wouldn’t stop talking about Brazil if the topic of football came up. Guess he won’t be talking much about Brazil much these days other than complaining. Why would you not select experienced players (read legends) like Ronaldinho and instead select someone like Fred? Age must be a major concern, isn’t it? But then look what happened to your young squad. Sad for me cos I cannot get over the ‘Love for Brazilian Football Team syndrome’ but again this current Brazilian squad never deserved to play even the Quarter-finals and there is no two ways about it. No, I didn’t do the mistake of driving 30 kms and watching all the Brazilian matches like I did for the last world cup.

So on that late night bombshell, Happy Sunday everyone!

*freak – someone with abnormal capabilities (in a good way)