Chapter Porsche – Because every other thing can wait


I had never driven a Porsche before, maybe I’ll never drive one after that day… but that day I was allowed to rent one for an hour, clock less a hundred kms. It was kind of a rental thing by Porsche itself.

For this I had to book a month and a half in advance. While searching for rental sports car in Stuttgart, I stumbled upon the website of Porsche and program called Porsche Drive.

Just a quick info, all the sports cars manufactured by Porsche comes from Stuttgart. The global production is from their factory in Stuttgart which itself is very impressive. The factory tour I had been to, calls for a separate post.

So moving on, I had booked for a Porsche Cayman GTS which is one of my favorite cars. The Cayman series are very close to my heart for some reason.


And I screwed up royally that day as well, as usual, like every other time.

I woke up that morning pretty excited. At the right time I picked up my camera bag and left my room. It was an hour’s journey to Porscheplatz. I reached Porsche Museum and there is it is. Wrapped in blue, it looked an angel. If given a chance I would have licked it all over like little puppy. I had 15 mins more to go to the reception and give my credit card. The cost of an hour of pleasure time was 69 Euros. Bloody Expensive, but again refer to the opening line of this post. No regrets at all.

So all I did for those 15 mins were walk around and take pictures. I looked in through the windows and it’s not a manual gearbox. Sad. It must be a PDK gearbox, which people praise a lot. For me if it’s not a manual gearbox, it’s an automatic…whatever fancy name you call it. In all fairness, the Dual clutch gearbox like PDK, DSG etc are quick shifting and properly fun gearboxes unlike those sad gearboxes which we have in the name of automatics.



Didn't even want to watermark them and ruin their look. Still the pic belongs to me :D
Didn’t even want to watermark them and ruin their look. Still the pic belongs to me 😀


Those large air vents...lordy lord!
Those large air vents…lordy lord!




The pride of Stuttgart!!!


But then I wasn’t allowed to drive this Cayman GTS…. 😥

The reason …. will soon follow.

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