Journey home…

The constant cruise, neither too slow to make anyone whine nor too fast to miss out the little details of outside through the door. A gentle breath of wind, neither too strong to put you in discomfort nor too soft to go unnoticed. The melodramatic nature, greeting me with sun not too harsh or droplets of rain depending on when I am traveling.  Irrespective of my travel dates, the view outside is always green and smells pleasant scent , reminding me this is how Kerala smells.

The last leg of train journey to my little town has been my personal favorite for more than past twenty years. A flash of remembrance I long to wander through alone, more than staying in Kerala. Somethings are better unchanged.


Voyage to phuket – Amazing Thailand … Truly Amazing!!! Part 5 – Day 5

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Day Five :

After the hyperactive 2 days, I was out of activities for day 5. I opted it so. I was tired and decided why not hit the pool, beach today and go around meet some people, talk to them know about Thailand. Did I succeed in that? Not really. I was lazing around at the hotel room, and by the time I was up and ready in the morning it was lunch time. The usual McD and again back to my room. I then quickly opened up my laptop and connected the memory card, checked out all the pics that I took.

In the evening, I go to the swimming pool for an hour or little more. The pool was very nice. Then I went to meet our smart and beautiful Tah. I asked her what she was up to in the evening. She said the usual… gym and then back home. She had a couple of business to be taken care of like renting out motorcycle and cars. I asked her if she could take me out to the city of Phuket or some place which I haven’t been too. She insists that she is busy and I insisted she takes me out.

OK. Come to gym with me.


In the evening she leaves early to gym and leaves me a message. I walk towards her gym and calls her to come and pick me up 😀 , which she does. I initially wait in the lobby and me being me wouldn’t sit there for long. I walk into the gym check out the people, it was unisex which was good. I then walk towards their pool. It’s been already an hr and no sign of the lady. I walk to the small bar/restaurant. There I meet Tuk Tuk (not to be confused by the rickshaw tuk tuk). She was amazing and occasionally commented about the bollywood movies she saw. The lead actor and actress running around a tree would amuse her as it amuses me now. We had a pleasant laugh, she offered me pizza at 50% discount if I was to come on another day. The restaurant was about to close, by then Tah finishes her swimming and comes straight to check on me. My eyes were nearly blinded by the looks of her. God, she was fit as hell, very beautiful too. Trying to control my urge to look at her standing in a bikni, I continue talking to Tuk. Then they start talking to each other in Thai and all I understand is “Sawadika” (Hello) and “Kob khun ka” (Thanks) which I learnt from the cruiser from a lad there. Tah leaves me to get changed and I carry on with Tuk.

Later Tah comes and I leave with Tah. I tell Tuk that I will come on a later day to have pizza which I couldn’t. Tah takes me around the city and to a market. Then we both go to my hotel where she drops me and she leaves for her room. The time is around 8 pm

Again this night I was supposed to go out with Jade, who cancels the plan cos she has some other stuff going on. Now Jade is from Kent, UK and a very friendly girl. I had met her in the hotel lobby and she used to stay in my hotel. So with nothing to do, I go out grab a pizza and get back to my hotel.

I crash land on my bed, hoping that the scuba diving goes well the next day.



(To be contd…)


Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand… Truly Amazing!!! Part 2 – Day 2

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Day two :

On the 2nd day of the trip too, I had no plans as such. I had a small paper on which I had written down my top priority list to visit. I couldn’t even do half of it. So as I was pondering on what is to be done, my room service, a young lady (married yes) came over. She was cleaning up and I asked her if she knows how to drive. Yes. Then again I explained how bored I am and how I can’t get ripped off by a taxi. Guess what, she was free after an hour, she was done with her work. She offered to be my guide and we started negotiations. Finally she managed to convince me 1400 THB for two places, a temple named Wat chalong and a view point called Laem Promthep. The price was high but less than the taxi rate so I did nod. It was afternoon and not the best time to visit those places. How to avoid that, keep reading and I shall suggest a better option 🙂 She drove a mazda 2 hatch (no pics again) and we left for the place which was 22 kms away or so.

She was a bit cautious driver unlike the usual us. I liked that, cos she made sure that she doesn’t land me in trouble and waste my day. We reach the temple Wat Chalong first. It is a Buddhist temple and since she was with me, I was guided on how to pray and go around in the proper manner following their customs. The pictures of the place are as follows,


Wat chalong had a group of temples, I visited 2 of them which looked like the main one’s










Inside the temple, there were people praying. I tried to take as less pics as possible not to offend their faith





The temple from outside. (sorry the pic got underexposed 😦 )



There she is, my guide my friend Jazz 🙂






From there we left for the view point, the sun was really hot. Made me feel really tired. Take your sun protection creams, I have become a lot tan than I was. The sun is bad.

We passed Rawai beach on the way to reach Laem Promthep viewpoint. It would have been amazing if it was evening. But I didn’t have any options. I tried to adjust the color and exposure, not sure how much I have succeeded.












Here is Jazz again. She was asking me for her pics that I took but I was unable to give it to her. Hope she somehow sees my blog.



My initial pic  was also from this place.

After walking around in the hot sun for a while, We both went back to my hotel. On the way back, she showed me her motorcycle, a small honda. Apparently they drive small Kawasaki KSR 138 cc and Honda CRF 250 but not limited to them. There are plenty of sports motorcycle too that I saw. Everyone in Thailand apparently owns couple of motorcycles and couple of cars. since the population is less, its fine.

For the remaining day I had nothing else to do apart from bird watching 😀 I walk around the streets and grab something to eat from McD. I retire for the bed early as the next day was sure to be filled with activities. In my prayers I thanked Jazz, for she was very helpful and friendly. Though we had a problem of communication, she helped me out with lot of information about their culture and other general things.


Day Three :



(To be contd…)