Avalabetta Peak – Half day trip from Bangalore

Avalabetta hills or Avalabetta peak is another weekend getaway around 100 kms from Bangalore. All said and done, probably it isn’t wise to go there on a weekend? Just like Nandi hills, maybe it’s crowded. I would always visit this place on a weekday.

What is different from Nandi hills which is around 30-40 kms closer going from Bangalore?

For one, the trek to the top is challenging while you don’t trek at all in Nandi hills. You just park your car, take pictures and leave in Nandi hills. No, that’s not true. Nandi hills have a few other things to offer as well. But let’s concentrate on Avalabetta for now. At Avalabetta, they have the entrance gates closed. So you park your car/motorbike and walk up. Say 3-4 kms? Feels quite long if you are unprepared (which I was). Compared to Nandi hills, it’s more dangerous. No safety rails and the rocks are easily accessible. You just need to be careful. I too climbed the rocks and I’m still alive, so just be careful. If your gut feeling says that you are stretching your luck, you stop right there. Also make sure there is someone to help you if you are going to climb these rocks. Friends, other tourists. It’s a tricky place to easily get stuck.

There are good views and you can easily manage to get a couple of good photographs early in the morning. Nandi hills security check-post opens only at 6 am which is kind of disappointing because the sun is already out by the time you reach the top. I’m not sure if Avalabetta hills have any such security measures. I hope it doesn’t.

So go there on a weekday. You can trek, you can take pictures and you can see lot of monkeys. There is a temple at the top and fantastic views on both right and left side of the temple leading to the rocks.

Last but not the least, the drive to the place is nice. Around 80 percent of the drive is on NH with good roads and the rest not so good village roads. Motorbikes can be fun, but I did it in a car. Starting early can help you beat the summer heat, also get you some good pictures. Some members of tripadvisor reports that the security guard asked for money. I didn’t see any security guard, though there were people selling water bottles, fruits and butter milk. Also there were reports of restrictions due to safety issues, again I’m unaware if that exists now.

A view from Avalabetta hills



Dec Afternoon of 2013

The cam had arrived some days or say weeks back. It was November 2013 when I lifted some $800 from my fund for buying a car. The deed did hurt my car fund a lot when I actually decided that I am waiting no more for a DSLR. I had intended to buy a better GTI which had run around 40,000 kms less and well maintained. Instead I squeezed and bought this GTI which was 1 year older and was not in an amazing condition. Alas I wanted a GTI and I got one. I wanted a DSLR and I got one.

The journey with this DSLR was amazing. I would just walk on the streets with it, to learn the basics of Photography. I miss that drive today when I look at it lying in the corner of my shelf, very carefully kept. I do use it, don’t get me wrong but the frequency has reduced by a 100%, if not more.

The clarity is pathetic, But I am glad to have retrieved this pic


One of my earlier pictures taken in Manual mode as a part of learning, and is straight from the camera. I deleted the picture last year and today I just went back and re-created the image with the help of print screen command and paint application. When I look at it today, I really like the image. It was a good click by a beginner, with a very ordinary 18-105 mm lens. It was a great spot and gives a typical illusion of a fish eye. If I am here in Dec this year, I might go back and click this image again provided I remember to do it.

That goes to say, Photography is an amazing hobby. I wish my eyes could spot something like this now and I miss going and chasing it. Two years have made me old and rusty, lol

Good Night from a ‘not so old’ old man!