Koh Mook – Another island worth a visit

If Koh Kradan was oreo then Koh Mook would be something like 50-50; sweet and salty. My next stop was Koh Mook which was another wonderful island, larger an island than Koh Kradan, but still Koh Kradan is just wonderful. Koh Kradan is just like the lazy river of that amusement park you visit. The only thing you need to do is snorkel and laze around. Unlike Koh Kradan though, there are quite a few things you can do on this island.

Long pier at Koh Mook

The name of the resort I had to check in was ‘Koh Mook Nurse House’. This is around 20 mins walk from the pier where the long tail boat drops you. Located in the middle of fishermen’s cottage, this place looks less like a resort. For a second, I wondered if I made the right choice booking the resort. I had no reason to complain though, the stay was cheap. The room was small, bathroom was not that great and location was not in favor either for this place.

Koh Mook Nurse House






But in fact I really took a liking to the place. The people running the place (also run a restaurant next to the resort) were amazing. The food was above average but the hospitality was mind-blowing. I really felt at home.

Meeting Alphons and his family was another wonderful experience for me. They were a couple from Vienna, Austria who ran a family restaurant, now on their annual vacation. I spent a lot of time chatting with them.

Getting there:

If you are coming straight to Koh Mook, then you may use tigerline ferry services or any of such agencies to get you there. If you are island hopping, there are long tail boats from one island to another for as much as 300 THB/person.

Where to stay:

There is charlie’s beach resort which is nice. Most of the tourists on our boat were going to Charlie’s beach resort. It’s also expensive. From the pier, it’s 50 THB/person for taxi to take you to Charlie’s beach resort ie if you are going from Koh Kradan to Koh Mook. Tiger line ferries stop near Charlie’s. They have their bookings also from the long tail boat station which is next to Charlie’s beach resort. Enough of Charlie, moving on there are other good resorts like the Sivalai beach resort which is also nice. The sunset view from their private beach is just amazing. The other places to stay are Mookies Bungalow, Coco lodge, Koh Mook Nurse house and so on.

Things to do:

One cannot miss the Emerald cave. It is just one of those places you would love. If you are staying at Charlie’s beach resort, rent a Kayak and go on a treasure hunt. This cave has a narrow tunnel and one has to swim through it.

Emerald caves (gopro image)
Gopro image, Emerald cave from the outside

I tried the Emerald cave (Morakot cave) half day tour which includes snorkel around the corals, then swimming to Emerald caves, gazing star fish and a round of the entire island. In the process you also see Big cave and couple of other beaches.

During the night time, you can go to Ting Tong Bar which is close to Mookies Bungalow. I spent my evenings tasting variety of food.

Also you have the option of renting a scooter to roam around the entire island. English is not widely spoken here and communication can be a bit of hassle if you are staying in the local communities like I did.

Best time to visit:

Same as Koh Kradan, November to March would be the best time to visit.

Things to carry:

Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Mosquito repellent, GoPro (maybe), swim suits. If you are snorkeling, you may rent the masks and fins.

Sunset at Sivalai Beach, Koh Mook



Koh Kradan: A little island in Thailand

Three years back I visited Thailand, but that was Phuket, Phi Phi and other crowded parts (link). Times have changed, life has changed and my choices as well. This time I preferred the opposite. Thailand has a bunch of islands, some bustling with tourists and some not so much.

Finally with some help, I came across Koh Kradan. An island 3 kms long and with nothing to do, perfect. With 7 resorts/hotels sharing the spoils, this place is tiny. Yet I absolutely loved this place. Everything that I wanted an island to be. Minimum tourists, only basic facilities, zero Indians (this was not a criteria, but a fact), good place to swim/snorkel.


Getting there:

All I did was book a Nok Air flight from Bangkok to Koh Kradan, which means Bangkok-Trang Airport(flight)- Trang pier(mini-bus)-Koh Kradan (ferry)+ a long tail boat to the shore (50 THB extra per person). I used this only as a means of transport to get to the place. There are definitely better options. I will suggest going to Trang airport and checking with all the tour operators you may find. This might even be cheaper, definitely cheaper. In case of Thailand, online is expensive. Also I’m sure there are options from Krabi.

Tigerline ferry has transfer services from Trang province to Koh Kradan, Koh Mook and lots more. I have been hearing negative reviews about them but I can say it is alright. Tigerline partners with Nok Air, so I had to travel to and fro in their ferry, minibus.

Let me a post a useful link from tripadvisor which I went through. link

Also let me add, Nok Air was one of the sweetest airline I have traveled in.

Nok Air flight
Nok Air flight

Where to stay:

From what I have heard, the island has only seven resorts. I stayed in ‘Paradise Lost’ resort which is in the middle of a forest. One km to the inside from main beach, luckily from the hotel they send someone to pick the luggage on a trolley. They have a few bungalows aka huts, small ones and slightly bigger ones. Bathroom is shared and Wifi is available only in common area.

My little huttn_d5200koh-kradan00420170222






My little hut


Few names of resorts I heard were: The seven seas resort, Kalume resort, Paradise Lost resort and on the cheaper side, Ao Niang Beach resort.

Best time to visit:


There might be no electricity during the nights in off season (Apr-Oct). Make sure you read the terms and conditions before booking your resort.

Things to do:

Go snorkeling :

In the morning when the sea is low, corals are easily accessible. Pick up your snorkel masks and swim around.


Ao Niang Beach has a lot of corals as well. Sunset beach as name suggests has a great sunset view. The white sand is great, the beaches are clean and overall it is great fun.

Main beach

Things to carry:

Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Mosquito repellent, GoPro (maybe), swim suits. Snorkel masks are available at resorts for a rent.

Hope you all enjoyed the post. Happy travelling!

A view of Ao Niang Beach at sunrise
A view of Ao Niang Beach at sunrise

Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand … Truly Amazing!!! Part 8 – Final Day

Read the previous part here.


That day afternoon I had my flight back to India. I was supposed to reach back at 10 pm in India and would depart at 3 noon. I had already booked a mini bus back for 200 THB. I also bought 2 snickers, one for Jazz; my guide on the first day and one for Tah; our receptionist. I leave the chocolate for Jazz in the room itself and give the other to Tah.

I wait for my minibus and it reaches by 10:30 am. I am off to the airport. In an hour and a half I am at the airport. I wander around, buy my friend a souvenir and buy myself Merc SLS AMG and Mini cooper S scale model. I still have plenty of time. In another hour I check in just to know that the flight is delayed by an hour which again got delayed by half an hour.

I board the flight at 4:35 pm and reach India by 11:00 pm. So thus marking an end to my twilight saga.

As promised I am going to write down my suggestions for you guys to have a safe and cheap trip :

1. Don’t exchange money from airport. Please bring Thai Baht for you get very low rate at the airport.

2. Anyone who has driven in India need not worry about crashing, just go ahead with renting a car/motorcycle. You will save a lot of money. I can assure that the chances of a crash are bare minimal. But mind you, if you crash those thieves will suck your bank account dry.

3. You can save a great deal of money on your stay. If you don’t want fancy swimming pool and other luxury things there are tons of cheap hotels around. Book an expensive hotel for a day or two and then walk around and get room in a cheap hotel. You can use the money saved on other exciting activities like drinking and getting laid 😀 (just kidding)

4. Don’t book tours online. They charge you twice the amount that local tour companies charge. I booked Phi Phi island through internet and paid the price for it. Just check the local tour agencies and bargain a bit. You can save a few Baht’s

5. The food is expensive in Thailand. Choose a hotel having kitchen facilities or get McDonald’s or Pizza. It is actually cheaper than the other restaurants.

6. Never get into a taxi or for that matter anything without fixing the rate. Bargain and fix a price or you will be screwed at the end. May it be a small shop or a small tuk tuk ride, bargain and fix a price.

7. Stay safe. There are many bad things around especially at nights. I have traveled a bit and hence I guess I can kind of sense it, but I would request you guys to be safe and not carry a lot of cash in hand. Bad people are everywhere.

8. Drink bottled water only.

9.  If you are travelling with family or even kid, book a minibus from airport to hotel and back. It sure is crowded but can save you 500 THB at least.

10. When you are in a wash room of a mall or some other place like a boxing stadium, if there are three or four people behind trying to massage you, it is usually for a tip. They expect at least 50 THB. Avoid it as you can get better massages in professional massage parlors outside.

11. Ditch swimming pools and visit beaches, for they are amazing.

12. Scuba diving should be booked from a reputed place. You will appreciate the experience.

13. Don’t try drugs that they sell on roadside. Many people try to sell you marijuana and stuff. I was talking to a local lady about this and she said it can be a trap too. So if you are alone, don’t even bother thinking of it. I would never do it even if I go in a group. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard.

14. Get a travel insurance. Jade’s friend had underwent an operation because a kid dropped oxygen cylinder on his leg. You never know when you need the insurance. Better pay the small amount and get it for peace of mind. I didn’t get it but I would recommend you do.

15. Treat their culture and religion with respect. Learn a bit of Thai and people would appreciate it. Thai people are one of the best I have met, very friendly and helpful. Treat everyone with respect and in turn you will get a lot of respect.

16. Be careful of the rocks on the sides of islands where you swim. I got plenty cuts on my left hand trying to catch it.

17. Get a free sim. Internet is free almost everywhere.

So I guess these are all the things basically you need to be aware of. You are good to go now. Do some ground research and pack your bags, get going….

Thanks for reading people 🙂 Leave me a comment or suggestion below if you liked it or if I have to improve.





Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand … Truly Amazing!!! Part 7- Day 7

Read the previous part here.



Day Seven : 

All my Indian friends who watch Bollywood movies would understand the following things I am going to say.

Does anyone remember the dialogue, ‘Enna rascala, mind it!’ from the movie Om shanti om. Mind it was Shahrukh khan, if I remember correctly.

‘Pappu….Tiger cat?’ screams Shahrukh khan to Shreyas Talpade (Pappu). The movie om shanti om that I saw the night before my university exams 😛

Everyone in the audience looks astonished and repeats, ‘Tiger cat…Tiger cat…Tiger cat…???’ Our movie hero is going to battle it out with a tiger cat now. It’s a movie that shows shooting of another south indian movie ie Tamil.

In the meanwhile Pappu throws a dummy Tiger cat (something like a stuffed tiger which we buy for kids) for mind it to fight as there is no equals for him elsewhere. Now once the tiger cat is thrown, our hero grabs it by the tail and rotates it round and round and says,

‘ Naughty pussy, naughty pussy… who is the daddy now?’

Here is the dialog copied from Google

Tiger cat.
what a tiger.
Oh you bad cat.
You fat cat.
Rascal cat.
Take it. (shahrukh punches the tiger)
Take it.
Take it…
who’s your daddy now?
You want to say sorry?
Pussy cat pussy cat.
Where have you been?
Have you been to london?
To see the queen.
Go see the queen.
Find it.
Are you fly you are not toy.
How nice he flying.
How nice he flying.
You rascal!
Mind it.
Cut it.

I have laughed my gut out then seeing this scene. It was stupid but funny as hell.

watch the scene here.

So on day 7 I had an adventure planned something similar. Being my last day in Thailand, I sure didn’t want to spend much money but needed something that I would cherish my entire life.

I heard on day 5 from the Aussie couple that they were off to tiger kingdom later on. I had my mind on Tiger kingdom, one of the rising spots of Phuket. I learnt from trip advisor that the place opens at 9 and closes at 6. I thought better to go early than late. I was up by 8 am and was on the streets by 9 am. Now to find a taxi that doesn’t charge too much was a challenge. Need to use my bargaining skills which comes handy usually in any part of Asia. I have fever but I have decided that I will do this before I leave.

It had started to rain in Phuket. The previous evening it was raining for 3-4 hrs and I am not sure about rains after night fall.  With the heavy fever I walk on the streets, ask taxi drivers. Some say one side 200 THB, some said both ways 600 THB. Finally I bargained it down to 200 THB for both ways.

The ticket cost of Tiger kingdom was 800 THB for big, medium tiger. 1000 THB for small cubs. I don’t get the logic but I think they charge the extra for the cuteness factor. The deal was that we can touch and take pics with the wild cat for real. Who wouldn’t want that!!!

My minicab enters the tiger kingdom in 10 mins. It’s hardly 4-5kms away from my stay. They have a good go-kart place next to the tiger kingdom.

As I enter the facility, they have polite staff asking on what is my pick. I pick big cats, pay the fees and move on. There is a huge crowd near the big cat cage. I start walking around and clicking pics…

























I have plenty of photos where I sit with tiger, touch its  back and pose for a pic and all this while the tiger is either sleeping or it’s quietly sitting down. As far as I know tiger is the most dangerous predator, even more than a lion. It is said that a tiger would kill anything that it sees despite of not being hungry. But what you see here is a well tamed tiger. I question the staff there if the tigers are sedated.

No, no sir. We train them all the day and for all this 19 months it is used to human presence. Hence it is sure to not attack humans. They are used to humans.

Are you kidding me? I am holding its tail and it doesn’t respond. I touch its body and it doesn’t respond. I sleep on its belly with my head properly supported on its belly and hands on its paws, still it wouldn’t respond????


I could have chosen to go and have couple of rounds on the karts. A bad decision I would say from my part, cos I love animals a lot.

I come back and by then it’s already late. I get something to eat for lunch and in the afternoon, I check out my pics and make it ready. In the evening I go to swim again even though I have fever, height of stupidity.

Then all I do is pack my bags for my return next morning. After that is done, I lie down on the bed recalling things done on a blessed holiday. First time in my life that I have been away for a vacation, though I have traveled to different locations for work.

I don’t even know when I fall asleep but that marks the end of my activities for that day.


Day Eight:


(To be contd…)


Edit : Adding a pic of me and the tiger. The tiger looks half dead due to the sedation I believe…


Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand… Truly Amazing!!! Part 6 – Day 6

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Day Six : 

This day was again going to be a day of activities. It was scuba diving day. I had booked the trip on day 4 in the evening from a hotel nearby selling tours.

To be honest, this was one bad decision I took. There were like 2 options, half a day for 1600 THB and full day for 1900 THB. I being Indian and looking at price difference jump for the full day option. Stupid me….grrr!!! There are better options definitely, I would recommend you to research and take a course from PADI instead of doing it like I did. Sure I did see the coral islands and touch fishes but I was not satisfied at all. My gut feeling says there is much more to Scuba diving and my gut feeling never goes wrong.

So again at 8:00 am the guy picks up in a mini bus. We go to a harbor and from there the coral island is 15 mins far. Obviously it’s a speed boat. We board the speed boat and in 15 mins we are there at coral islands. Let pics do all the talking tonight…









 18mm showing it’s class. I love this shot, definitely one of my favorites.







Some of my best shots can be owed to this place. I loved the place, a better photographer could have done wonders.

About Scuba diving, we went there in the speed boat and after we reach the island we are given a safety briefing. Also they suggest we get a locker to keep our stuff. I being alone and having my cam and other equipment’s get a locker for 100 THB. Then I go to the scuba diving place, and there I was told that Sea walking (other activity) and scuba diving costs on 1800 THB. I understand I got ripped off but it’s alright getting ripped off once in a while on vacation I guess.

I walk to Scuba place, the instructors are Thai men who are very experienced with the sea. Not really professional, but very friendly and kind. They brief the basics and demonstrate on how oxygen cylinders are used and other signs and symbols. Within 10 mins we are in our fish suit ready to be fishes, or fishermen I must say. We are led by our instructor with two other kids alongside me. So we were four in a group. The other two lads were from Isreal and I didn’t bother talking to them as they were just 14 years old siblings. Too young for bs ing.

So after we reach about 1.8 meter high, we are asked by the instructor if every one knows how to swim. I tell him that I am beginner, so he holds my hand and takes me to the around 5-6 meter height. The suit has an option to inflate and deflate. Inflate to rise up in water and deflate to go down. We go down to see the rocks and fishes. This 6 meter height doesn’t have much aquatic reefs or rocks which are worth drooling. The instructor had a loaf of bread which he used to tempt all the fishes to coming near us. In this process, a white fish bit me on my left leg. May be as a protest of not getting enough bread. Then after around 40 mins we head back to the island. By 25 mins the pressure had started taking toll on me. My head started paining and the water started putting pressure on my eye mask causing pain on covered area on my face.

By the time I reach the island, I have cold and headache. I just want to go back but there were 4 hrs remaining for the return journey. I should have booked the shorter trip. I wait, click more pics and then wait again. Finally at half past two in the afternoon, we head for the main Phuket island. By round about 3 we are there.

I am in no position to do anything more other than drop dead on my bed. That marked the end of activities for that day.

Day Seven: 



(To be contd…)

Voyage to phuket – Amazing Thailand … Truly Amazing!!! Part 5 – Day 5

Read the previous part here.


Day Five :

After the hyperactive 2 days, I was out of activities for day 5. I opted it so. I was tired and decided why not hit the pool, beach today and go around meet some people, talk to them know about Thailand. Did I succeed in that? Not really. I was lazing around at the hotel room, and by the time I was up and ready in the morning it was lunch time. The usual McD and again back to my room. I then quickly opened up my laptop and connected the memory card, checked out all the pics that I took.

In the evening, I go to the swimming pool for an hour or little more. The pool was very nice. Then I went to meet our smart and beautiful Tah. I asked her what she was up to in the evening. She said the usual… gym and then back home. She had a couple of business to be taken care of like renting out motorcycle and cars. I asked her if she could take me out to the city of Phuket or some place which I haven’t been too. She insists that she is busy and I insisted she takes me out.

OK. Come to gym with me.


In the evening she leaves early to gym and leaves me a message. I walk towards her gym and calls her to come and pick me up 😀 , which she does. I initially wait in the lobby and me being me wouldn’t sit there for long. I walk into the gym check out the people, it was unisex which was good. I then walk towards their pool. It’s been already an hr and no sign of the lady. I walk to the small bar/restaurant. There I meet Tuk Tuk (not to be confused by the rickshaw tuk tuk). She was amazing and occasionally commented about the bollywood movies she saw. The lead actor and actress running around a tree would amuse her as it amuses me now. We had a pleasant laugh, she offered me pizza at 50% discount if I was to come on another day. The restaurant was about to close, by then Tah finishes her swimming and comes straight to check on me. My eyes were nearly blinded by the looks of her. God, she was fit as hell, very beautiful too. Trying to control my urge to look at her standing in a bikni, I continue talking to Tuk. Then they start talking to each other in Thai and all I understand is “Sawadika” (Hello) and “Kob khun ka” (Thanks) which I learnt from the cruiser from a lad there. Tah leaves me to get changed and I carry on with Tuk.

Later Tah comes and I leave with Tah. I tell Tuk that I will come on a later day to have pizza which I couldn’t. Tah takes me around the city and to a market. Then we both go to my hotel where she drops me and she leaves for her room. The time is around 8 pm

Again this night I was supposed to go out with Jade, who cancels the plan cos she has some other stuff going on. Now Jade is from Kent, UK and a very friendly girl. I had met her in the hotel lobby and she used to stay in my hotel. So with nothing to do, I go out grab a pizza and get back to my hotel.

I crash land on my bed, hoping that the scuba diving goes well the next day.



(To be contd…)


Voyage to Phuket – Amazing Thailand… Truly Amazing!!! Part 4 – Day 4

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Day Four :

I knew this day was going to be truly special. It was filled with activities and I was kept on my toes.

I had booked a tour to Phang Nga bay, and something more at night. To know what, keep  reading 😉

Now Phang Nga bay tour included visiting of 4 islands including the one on which James Bond 007 was filmed. Cool isn’t it. By the way, I forgot to tell you that the island on which the movie ‘The beach’ was filmed was on the way to Phi Phi island. We couldn’t stop there as it was not mentioned in the itinerary. I happened to eat dinner in one of the Indian restaurants and that’s how I knew they  do booking for tours too. Hence I did the booking there. The price was a 1000 THB. Booking through the internet would have been a 18oo THB, I felt like a smart ass then by saving 800 THB, which was put into buying scale models of Merc SLS AMG and Mini cooper S. 😀

Phang Nga is one of the most recommended in Trip advisor and lonely planet, so going there was obvious. As usual the pick up was at half past 7 in the morning. The guy arrived with his usual minibus (different guy from yesterday as it’s a different tour). The harbor was different from yesterday and we were going in a different direction. This was a bit more close and the tour included a lot of activities like Canoeing/kayaking, visiting james bond (island), finally snorkeling and swimming 😀

One of the major attractions of the islands are the limestone formation on the caves. We were taken there to see limestone formations and batman hanging upside down. Plenty of batman’s 😀 So canoeing there was real fun.

Again a young lad, our guide started telling out the itinerary, screaming out instructions of do’s and don’t do’s. The lad was very funny though. He made efforts and was friendly with everyone in the boat.

We set out on a cruiser boat again, this time the crowd was less and there were plenty of chilled out people to talk to.


It’s very early in the morning.




This is where canoeing/kayaking is done for the first time out of the two times.





We go on a small raft into the cave and reach the other side. The pictures of other side are here too 😀

We are on the small raft, with two of us there is another guy who is rowing the boat.


People moving into the cave.









Another raft 🙂



Sorry for the shaky image. The boat was shaking so was I.










The Aussie couple with whom I had a great chat again. They were here for a week just like me.





So once this was done, we returned to the cruiser and we set off to another island not too far. Again the same activity.

























Later on after this feat, we went back to the cruiser and lunch was served. More or less the same as yesterday. We had our lunch and we were relaxing in the cruiser as it moved towards 007 island.

We were left to wander at 007 islands for 45 minutes. There was nothing much to do apart from seeing the waters and the beautiful rocks. Tried different angles shooting the water and the place.  ( I am randomly inserting the pics but it’s all of the same island)


Enroute James Bond Island













I waited for her to move, but she refused to budge even after 5 mins. I went ahead.







After James Bond island we were taken to another island, in which we were free to swim. The cruiser stopped half a km away from the island and me with couple of others swam to the island. I didn’t click any pics of this.

This was the end of activities and they engaged the reverse gear and took us back to Phuket. It took them another 2 hrs to reach Phuket. Tired and wet as a fish, I rushed to my room and had a quick shower.

That my friends was the end of activities for the day  not yet. There was something more for the night *devilish smile*


Muay Thai :

The beauty of travelling alone is that you can find a friend for a short time who is amazing and have a great chat. The togetherness might last few hours or can last forever. To know what I am blabbering, read on.

I still remember my days when I was enthralled by the movie Ong Bak (Thai movie also known as Enter the new dragon). If you haven’t watched it, please do. There were another 2 sequels to Ong Bak. The movie had this Thai fighter, Ting (Tony Jaa) going after a religious Buddha head stolen from their village. The Thai boxing shown was so amazing that I made a copy of Ong Bak and watched all the movies couple of times. The Ong Bak 1 is the best of all.

From then I wanted learn Muay Thai, or at least watch it. Where else to fulfill my dream if not in Thailand! I had walked into Bangla boxing stadium couple of days back knowing that there was a fight this day to enquire. The notices will be all over the streets and glued to the walls. So you can always know when and where you have a boxing match. So coming back to my case, I went then to enquire and they made me book my ticket. The cost of the ticket was 1700 THB, I paid an advance of 500 THB and later on the day of the match, paid them the rest.

I go just on time, ie 9 pm. The fight has not started yet. There is vip seats, ring side and stadium seats for which cost reduces in descending order respectively. I ,of course bought the lowest one. This is where I met Daniel, an Aussie guy. He himself had trained Muay Thai in his early ages. He might be around 38 yrs and I was seating besides him. We started talking and the guy bought me a beer, had cool chat and then the announcements started. By then we had almost gulped down the most of our beer.

The first fight was between two young kids, might be around 5-6 years. I enjoyed the fight, the kids were amazing.















The red lad won if I remember correctly. He was really ripped and landed much more shots on the blue kid. Both were amazing though. It’s sad to see kids fight at this age, but I really wish them all the best.

The next fight was between kids aged 9-10 years, I don’t have pics of that. I think again the red guy won.

The next were teenagers, great fight. The red guy won.







There was women’s boxing too.


Couple of fighters whom I remember, one is definitely Nadia. She is doing her stretches. She won the match too. Nadia was too strong to be beaten.




The rest of the images are as follows in no order



tn_DSC_0245 tn_DSC_0246 tn_DSC_0247 tn_DSC_0248 tn_DSC_0249 tn_DSC_0250 tn_DSC_0251 tn_DSC_0252 tn_DSC_0253 tn_DSC_0254 tn_DSC_0255 tn_DSC_0256 tn_DSC_0257 tn_DSC_0258

I and daniel gulped down 5 bottles of beer each, in the mid of the matches buying beers turned into betting for beers and finally I had to back out due to insufficient funds. After the match we parted ways, may be will meet somewhere. I would say this my friends, is the beauty of travelling alone.

I saw many Tony Jaa’s. Amazing to have seen a boxing match in real after watching thousands of matches of Tyson and Ali and couple of my professional boxer friends in youtube.

As the Muay Thai matches finished, I went to my hotel room and dropped dead.

Day Five:

(To be contd…)