Journey home…

The constant cruise, neither too slow to make anyone whine nor too fast to miss out the little details of outside through the door. A gentle breath of wind, neither too strong to put you in discomfort nor too soft to go unnoticed. The melodramatic nature, greeting me with sun not too harsh or droplets of rain depending on when I am traveling.  Irrespective of my travel dates, the view outside is always green and smells pleasant scent , reminding me this is how Kerala smells.

The last leg of train journey to my little town has been my personal favorite for more than past twenty years. A flash of remembrance I long to wander through alone, more than staying in Kerala. Somethings are better unchanged.


The train that didn’t wait

The train that didn’t wait

Fine, I was a bit late

Neither will it come back

And nor am I going to be perfect

I gaze at the empty tracks

Waiting for it to come back

Advertently that it is on a fast track

And will never come back

I can’t stop waiting for it

For one, I was a bit late

And my love sits in it

Leaving the rest to fate

All I do now is wait

For the train has left

Cos I was late