Worn ‘n’ Torn

Day 1:

The other day, I was leaving office. Back at the parking lot I looked at my Motorbike; old, worn and tired…kind of like the person who drives it. Since it is from a previous era, there is no push start buttons to your aid. Just the old school kick start.

While making my way through the traffic, I couldn’t help but think:

‘I wonder what must be on it’s mind? Will it be happy with itself in comparison with other motorbikes around? sure couldn’t be’

‘The newer bikes could run a riot around this one. They will achieve in less than 4000 rpm, what my bike won’t be able to at redline. What still keeps this motorbike running other than the fuel I pour in?’

I must admit it looks decent,the body is still in good shape especially the paint. It looks classic with it’s old school naked bike styling. I haven’t done much to ruin its look.

‘But how long just with your looks? Not fast, not really efficient, just an average motorbike.’

Would the motorbike feel itself useless, if it had a soul… I wondered. Times have changed so have many things.

‘No one cares for how much of a head-turner you were once upon a time. That time is clearly over. It feels today though that you have no real value apart from a few people looking at you once in a while. You are being over-taken left right and center by bigger, better and more desirable motorbikes.’

‘Knowing all this how do you put yourself on the road every single day. Just literally to be mocked and over-taken by well-equipped , better sounding and better looking motorbikes. How do you manage son? Isn’t it an inch by inch death?’

Day 2:

It rained heavily in the past 3 hours and there is no signs of rains stopping for another couple of hours. I was moving alongside the slow traffic. The water was ankle deep and didn’t concern me at this point.

Moving further, water level rose and soon it reached knee level. This concerned me a little but I chose not to stop. The engine is still clear of water, so is the exhaust.

In just a matter of minutes, the water level rose from knee level to hip level. Cars stopped, other motorcycles stopped by the side. I could see those motorcycles almost submerged in the water. My logic was to open the throttle and not let water in the exhaust, since the exhaust was below water level. Stupid logic, but at that time it occurred to me as a bright idea. Did the motorbike stop? Yes at the last stretch of water logged street it did. Did it start again? Yes. It limped with me on our way back home.

Day 3:

The motorbike was still alive. It worked as if if nothing happened yesterday. It kept running and it still does.



This world is a big bulb; Spreading heat, light and dust!

All the pics are taken in my mobile cam


Couple of days back, I washed my car that was laden with 8 layers of dust. I felt sad parting with the much necessary money that I had intended for something else, but I felt happy seeing the car shining.

Then Yesterday happened. I start walking out with the intention of going to work and the dust outside was just crazy. I don’t mind as this had become a usual sight, but I was wrong. Even after 4 hours, the dust hadn’t subsided. Instead it stayed for the whole day.

Usually this is how it looks from my office.




Then yesterday




No, this is not a messed up White Balance photography. This was the true color at that time. Let me demonstrate that.


This is where I get¬†killed everyday… inch by inch only. Now that’s not the point. Look at the window and the color outside. It looks like a bulb glowing outside.

Then a more clear picture.



Completely tangerine.



Later I stepped out again to see this. Things are getting better, in an orange fashion.

The tangerine didn’t last for long though ūüė• but the dust did.



To this I confirmed that the world was ending. I was happy chappy. No more torture that the world had to offer, no more ups and downs, no more FB, no more whatsapp and no more nothing.

And then I woke up this morning, to see that all yesterday had in store for me was 6 layers of dust for my day before yesterday’s shiny car. And surely the world didn’t end. I think the world is not comprised only of me, and there are lot of people who look forward to live and it’s fair to keep ¬†the world up and running. I have no complaints about that but then what about the money and time that I put into washing the car.

In a fair revenge, I am not going to wash my car for another 3 weeks at least. I don’t care what people on the road thinks but then I am not paying to wash my car every 2nd day to see it laden with dust on the 4 th day.

On that sad bombshell, see you everyone!


Scale of Friendship!!!


Alex was going to leave our office in 25 days. He had put in¬†his resignation, and he was shifting to Canada. We would miss him. He had been a great mentor in planning my finances. Especially when it came to dealing with the banks, he knew all the loop holes. I particularly never trust anyone. They are all back stabbers. But then Alex was our finance guy, he was pretty much my age, a bit more to be precise. But he was a genius in all the financial matters. He was our firm’s financial guy as well and was a great player in the stock market. His account balance showed a couple of more zero’s to be called millions.

Now Alex had been a resident of UAE for quite a few years. His parents lived in UAE, he and his brothers did their schooling here. But later he¬†went to the US to do his degree in finance. I guess that’s where he gets his strong base¬†from.

On such a note, Alex was getting rid of all his small stuff before he moved to Canada. He had a Canadian passport for he had done some degree there as well. He had a collection of shot glasses from various countries, fine collection of premium whisky’s, a lot of art forms, fancy lighters, car magazines, a hand gun, collectibles from various parts of the world and stuff we couldn’t think about. He would come every single day and ask us,

‘Guys I explored a part of my store room and I found this, this and this.’

We would be surprised. He had so many stuff. How did his store room take all of it!

My roommate Shanky was Alex’s subordinate. He was an amazing friend of mine, and he was living with me until recent, he moved out.

When the so called auctions were happening, I would rule out everything that Alex put up as inessential. I was not looking for fancy things, cos he also knew I lived hand to mouth. Giving me financial advises have sure made him aware of my situations, and he would also not share with me of his stuff later for the same reason.

One fine day I went to meet Shanky in his room. Alex was there, looking at his laptop. May be reading his market news or something else. He was not working though. Of course who works in notice period? So while I was talking to Shanky, Alex called out my name

‘Anoop, Dude! I had a couple of scale models of cars which I sold to Shanky for a 100 bucks.’

‘What? When? Why? Hey mate, you never told me.’

‘Yeah right, but then I mentioned¬†to Shanky just¬†now and he gave me the money.’

Frustrated, I ask him,¬†‘Do you have some more? Can you check?’

‘I might have, but I can’t¬†guarantee¬†you. I had an old school Corvette Stingray and an Aston Martin, if I remember right.’

I am overwhelmed with joy to hear that.¬†‘Perfect.’




The next day Alex meets me to inform the sad news that the other 2 scale models were nowhere to be found.

I pathetically turn back and ask Shanky,¬†‘Can I have the scale model please?’

‘Yeah you can but at a higher price. Say 1 grand.’

‘Thanks bro. You are a kind man.’

Days pass, and finally Alex leaves. The office was a dull place anyways despite his presence or otherwise, and I was responsible wholly for my finances now. I also forgot about the scale model in the other busy schedules.

Three¬†months later, it’s my birthday. I don’t really care to celebrate my birthday, nor to tell anyone and make a fuss about it.

A pleasant surprise awaited me in the evening, the scale model of cars that Shanky bought from Alex were lying on my table. I called out loud to Shanky. He came in running and enquired. I asked him if he forgot to take his scale models.

He replied, ‘On purpose.’

‘Thanks bro, this is one good gift that I will cherish for ever.’

‘Anything for you, my friend.’

As he leaves I gaze at the beauty of the shinny scale model of Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Till yesterday it used to fill in my dreams. Today they are small but I have them for real on my table.

A positive sign of progress!


20150311102758 (2)


20150311102758 (3)



This is an imaginary story though the characters are from my real life. Shanky still has the scale model, from his boss… bitch!!!¬†

Pic credit : Vaisakh who is my friend from¬†real life and an amazing photographer. He doesn’t know about my blog though.



(Please read the below note before you read this post)


As I go through my office drudgery,

Mundane as ever life can be, Morale as low as the pacific fathom,

He comes in as a silver lining,

A special colleague who was nothing less than a bliss

Our laughs got the chief’s fuming

His knowledge on talkies delightful

Recollection of facts and figures left me fascinated

Amigo, as I bid adieu, let me tell you

More than words I have enjoyed these days in your company

Discussions, mimics and little puns we shared

Today, when I look over my desk

To find a void desk in front, it does pain me somewhere

To realize that all the laugher and argument

Has seen an end, but this weariness must go on

I comprehend the fact that you need to leave

You have a great life ahead

And wherever you go, you shall be the best.


Note : Read the post https://anooppillaiz.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/the-terminator-gets-terminated/ for better understanding.