Dec Afternoon of 2013

The cam had arrived some days or say weeks back. It was November 2013 when I lifted some $800 from my fund for buying a car. The deed did hurt my car fund a lot when I actually decided that I am waiting no more for a DSLR. I had intended to buy a better GTI which had run around 40,000 kms less and well maintained. Instead I squeezed and bought this GTI which was 1 year older and was not in an amazing condition. Alas I wanted a GTI and I got one. I wanted a DSLR and I got one.

The journey with this DSLR was amazing. I would just walk on the streets with it, to learn the basics of Photography. I miss that drive today when I look at it lying in the corner of my shelf, very carefully kept. I do use it, don’t get me wrong but the frequency has reduced by a 100%, if not more.

The clarity is pathetic, But I am glad to have retrieved this pic


One of my earlier pictures taken in Manual mode as a part of learning, and is straight from the camera. I deleted the picture last year and today I just went back and re-created the image with the help of print screen command and paint application. When I look at it today, I really like the image. It was a good click by a beginner, with a very ordinary 18-105 mm lens. It was a great spot and gives a typical illusion of a fish eye. If I am here in Dec this year, I might go back and click this image again provided I remember to do it.

That goes to say, Photography is an amazing hobby. I wish my eyes could spot something like this now and I miss going and chasing it. Two years have made me old and rusty, lol

Good Night from a ‘not so old’ old man!